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GREE's Visiting Attractivechina Manufacturing Onsite - A Warm Welcome Awaits!


Mr Lee, sales leader from GREE Zhuhai, came to visit Chuangzhi Coating manufacturing onsite on May 22 2020. Both sides with related technical team held talks on non stick coating production line which in progress.
Mr Pan, our sales director, with Attractivechina related technician take GREE team visit our manufacturing plant, they get a conclusion about the production schedule, status and quality issue for non stick cooker painting system. GREE team take a visit our workshop such as assembly, commission, finishing department and a number of machinery like advanced CNC cutting equipment and bending machine etc. Our people presented a detailed process, material and finished product about Chuangzhi and finally have a nice and compact communication with GREE team.

GREE Group its special in air conditioner, central conditioner, intelligent equipment , appliance, air energy water heater, mobile and freighter etc, which it is a pluralistic and international industry group. In this cooperation with Chuangzhi Coating develop a non stick cooker coating production line, the project consist of series of process like pretreatment, polishing, sandblast, treatment after sandblast, anodized, inner painting , print and outer painting etc. It is a fully automatic coating production application can change fixture freely according to various of product and achieve a highly intelligence on various products.

Attractivechina with all members put effort to support a excellent coating production line and service to GREE Group. Furthermore, it will be a huge challenge since it is a higher automatic production task for us. In this case , Chuangzhi invest lots of manpower and material resources to proceed with the project which undergoing installation and commission. In the future, we are keep moving with strong spirit to creative all round achievement.