Attractivechina unveils innovative solution for boosting Midea's non-stick coating line


Midea Electrical Appliance Wuhan Industrial Park officially laid its foundation in Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone on February 28, 2004, covering an area of 800 mu. The construction of wuhan industrial park is an important part of the "regional structural adjustment" in the "four adjustments" strategy of Midea group, and it will continue to adhere to the principle of "scale maximization under the premise of overall cost leadership".

Midea rice cooker coating production line

Attractivechina provides a comprehensive solution of Midea non-stick cookware coating production line integrating design, production, installation, debugging, etc., which has been put into production smoothly. 


The entire projects line of spraying set include:

1.Aluminum non-stick cookware pot pretreatment process:
Loading → Rinse → Alkali washing → Washing → Neutralizing → Washing → Hot water washing → Blow water → Drying → Cooling → Unloading
2.Aluminum non-stick cookware sandblasting process:
Loading → Sandblasting → Cleaning → Drying → Unloading
3.Aluminum non-stick cookware inner spraying process: 
Loading → Automatic dedusting → Preheating → Spray primer →Transfer workpiece → Drying → Fast cooling→Transfer workpiece →Automatic dedusting → Preheating→ Spray middle and top paint → Turn to high-temp.line → Low temp. Volatiliza → Heating phase → High-temp. curing→ Strong cooling→ Unloading
4.Aluminum non-stick cookware Outside Coating Line Process:
Loading → Automatic dedusting → Preheating →Spray top coating→ Turn to high-temp.line →high-temp. curing→ Strong cooling→ Unloading

Rice cooker inner pot anodizing line

•The paint booth is configure with a multi-stage water spray system, which has the function of reducing the paint mist content of exhuast gas, air duct cleaning and exhaust gas treatment load. 
•High-speed tracking spray system. Fixed-point spraying reduces paint consumption and saves paint by more than 10%.
•The 3-stage structrue design of the curing oven prevents the heat from being lost through the conveyor belt. The transition mechanism ensures stable transportation and long-term operational stability.
•Quick changing between non-stick paint and ceramic paint in the inner coating line, it saves the processing time. 
•The chains of the coating line is well fixed, reducing the number of fixtures.
•The conveyor chain is 60 mm higher than the original conventional chain, which enhances the stability of the conveyor belt and reduces workpiece sway. 
•The rotating device of the outer painting line is configure with a belt drive unit to make the workpiece rotate smoothly and evenly when entering, which ensures the quality and stability of the workpiece during the painting procecess.
•The curing oven is configure with variable frequency power for exhausting.

non-stick coating line

Coating is an important part of modern product manufacturing process. Anti - rust, anti - corrosion is one of the important aspects of the overall quality of products. And also is a systematic engineering, which includes the pre-treatment of the surface before coating, coating process and drying three basic procedures, as well as a reasonable design of coating system.


Attractivechina is based on 30 years of experience in coating full line design, and its designs of non-stick cookware spraying line can save 15%-25% energy consumption compared with other suppliers.