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Attractivechina offers an all-in-one solution for a new wheel painting production line in Thailand


New Thai Wheel Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Lizhong Group. In 2010, it was stationed in Anmeide Industrial Park, Kingdom of Thailand. It is a company specializing in wheels manufacturing. The annual production capacity of the group's aluminium alloy wheels is 15 million. Its main customers are BMW, Chrysler, GM, Hyundai, Mazda, Nissan, Suzuki, Fiat, Renault, Great Wall, Geely, SAIC, etc. Attractive provides a comprehensive solution for New Thai wheel painting production line which integrates design, manufacture, installation, test machine and operation. Now it has been put into operation smoothly.

The main equipments we provide for the painting production line are as follows:
1.Pretreatment production line: spray pretreatment, bridge type moisture drying furnace, spray pretreatment hanging conveyor belt, acid and alkali waste gas treatment tower, etc.                         
2.Powder coating production line - ground chain bottom powder line and ground chain bright powder line: sandwich fast color change powder spraying system, automatic dust removal device, online grinding room, central electronic control cabinet, load-shifting robot and its fixture system.
3.Automatic spray painting line: Automatic Ion Electrostatic Precipitator, Preheating Furnace, Single Layer Tower House, Supporting Curing Furnace, Spray Pretreatment Line Air Channel, Pretreatment Heating System.

The main features of the automobile hub painting production line are as follows:
1.Our spraying booth designs high efficiency of paint or powder capture, maintenance free. 
2.low energy consumption, 15-35% less than others. 
3.A number of patent designs, site measurement and customized design. 
4.The production line with more than 15 years service life, and low maintenance and high safety. 
5.The whole line provides remote monitoring and easy to maintenance. 
6.High level of automation, reduce labor costs, visual logo easy to manage. 
7.Provide explosion-proof design requirements; 
8.Electrostatic spraying to save paint and reduce cost. 
9.Environmental protection equipment meets the national environmental VOC emission standards.

For the coating production line has put into operation with high quality, high efficiency and energy saving, at the same time, it solves the rare problem of equipment maintenance and greatly improves the product quality and productivity efficiency. Thanks to the first-class painting production line system, New Thai Wheel Company was awarded the "Best Quality Supplier Award" by FCA Group.