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【Attractivechina Coating Equipment】provide a whole cake pan production of coating line


Xianfeng stainless steel products co.main provides : Stainless steel kitchen utensils and other products and services. The company has been to "quality assurance, professional service, customer satisfaction" for the purpose of business, to "benevolence for the big, profit for small, real service for the people" as the business philosophy, pioneering and enterprising, pragmatic innovation.
Xianfeng stainless steel products co. has experienced extraordinary success and growth over the years, now Xianfeng stainless steel products co. LTD has a certain visibility in the Kitchenware
To successfully support the volume of sales, the company has had to create and maintain some of the largest manufacturing and distribution centers in this industry.
In2015, they began building a new cake pan production line. To pull this off, they needed to work with companies who had planning, developing and implementing high quality, eco-friendly and made-to-measure coating lines for cake pan coating production.
Attractivechina Coating is a leading manufacturer of coating and painting equipment, we base on the company requirement to provide them a whole cake pan production of coating line.
1. immerse type of pretreatment and washing line.
2. OMEGA electrostatic paint spraying combined with water curtain booth.
3.Bridge type curing oven equipment with suspension conveyor system.