Qihong Industry Implements Attractivechina Metal Cake Pan Spraying Production Line: A Success Story


The pre-treatment adopts automatic immersion + spray pre-treatment, and the workpiece automatically passes through the immersion tank and spray pre-treatment during the pre-treatment process, which effectively cleans the workpiece inside and outside. The performance is stable and the operation is simple. It does not require human intervention and is automated. The degree is high, and the treatment effect is guaranteed. The shed body is made of high-quality PP board, fully welded, and supported by the reinforced frame to ensure that the inner wall of the equipment is smooth and beautiful after long-term operation, without deformation or leakage, and reduces energy consumption; excluded from the process of manufacturing, processing, transportation, and installation The possibility of various temporary and technological structures or accidental damages affecting the appearance of the equipment; high-quality spray pipe selection, complete configuration of pressure regulating valves, pressure and temperature detection instruments, and reasonable spray branch distribution design, and quantity The custom-made nozzle arrangement ensures uniform spray washing pressure and excellent effect; the two ends of the spray area are equipped with profiling baffles, which are matched with a reasonable length of the drain area to effectively prevent inter-area liquid leakage, ensure the treatment effect, and reduce the amount of medicament Consumption; vertical submerged pump is selected for spray circulating water pump, which adopts the configuration principle of small flow, light weight and large quantity, which not only takes advantage of the advantages of vertical submersible pump, such as small area and no leakage, but also solves the usual use of other types The pump is large, heavy, and difficult to maintain; it is convenient for maintenance and cleaning.

Characteristics of hanging conveyor chain:
The heavy-duty suspension conveyor can be arranged in any direction in space Certain technological operations (such as cleaning, spraying, etc.) can be completed during the conveying process Less impact on the layout and production of ground equipment in the workshop Can be used for long-distance continuous transportation in space Lightweight structure, beautiful appearance, flexible operation, low noise, convenient installation and maintenance No jitter, convenient speed adjustment, long service life, and few failures.

Spray Booth Features:
When the barrier robot sprays, the paint particles flying out of the workpiece diffuse to the outside world and pollute the environment. It can concentrate the pollutants in a local location, that is, the pollutants in the shuilian room are stirred in the water at the same time. Adding a small amount of chemical agent (carburetor) can concentrate the waste oil particles into a block for cleaning The easy-to-detach inspection door is convenient for cleaning and inspection. Smooth and even water curtain helps water flow down in the tank evenly