A Non-Stick Pan Coating Line For Midea Group


As one of the leading non stick painting line supplier, Attractivechina offers a wide range of painting line applications for non stick cookware, metalwork and also for plastic parts and automotive wheel rim. For Media Household Appliance Manufacturing Co., Ltd, one of the leading players household appliance production, Attractivechina recently implemented a modern non stick painting project in Wuhan.

Midea non-stick pan automatic production line

A whole non-stick pan coating line divide into partial system based on series of process as below:
1.Pretreatment solution of aluminum fry pan/pot consist of degrease, couples of rinse by tap water, alkali corrosion , boiled water rinse, neutralization, water blowing by high pressure fan, drying by electricity, cooling etc. The air exhaust fan in the pretreatment process manufacturing by 304# stainless steel, and the air exhaust part of cooling device adopt galvanized sheet with H shape design.

2.Sandblasting and hot spraying equipment of aluminum fry pan/pot working together with 16 pcs spraying guns and among 4 pcs for reserve. The concept of sandblasting design by adjustable continues type which available to regular or continue spraying ensure attain the capacity target of non stick painting line. Chuangzhi Coating generate the hot spraying system base on US standard of TAFA BP400.

3.A whole inner painting line of aluminum fry pan/pot. Chuangzhi Coating set up the standard for curing oven is low temperature and flow off. In the condition of a standard conveyor chain running with 150℃ and 5 minus process. In the curing process with high temperature , the actual temperature is 450℃ with 3~5minus. The temperature tolerance between actual product and people setting should be within 5℃. The low temperature section with 2 phase display system, and the high temperature with 4 phase that means the whole curing part divide into 6 phase to display to ensure a balance status. 

Pre-treatment process of non-stick pan coating production line

There are 2 heating room set up in the high temperature part of curing oven to ensure a stable and continues temperature exist. The main part of non stick painting line is painting booth, its air inflow volume should be more than the air exhaust, then lead to a positive pressure status. All the spare parts should be easily cleaning ,assemble and maintenance. The painting booth should be equipped with a filter system and once the filter expired should be exchange by a new set.

Non-stick pan coating production line

The compress air drying machine adopt cooling type + adhesive type, with a air storage tank to ensure 16pcs spray guns and dedust blow off shoulder 6kg pressure when running. The air quality should meet up coating industry standard. All the electrical parts and mechanical parts import from abroad. The low temperature part of drying oven and curing oven heating up from general condition to the setting data within 45 minutes. The high temperature of curing oven heating up from general to 450℃ within 60 minus. And the cooling oven have to done in 30 mins.