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Attractivechina revolutionizes spraying production line with automated line for V.S. International Group's Qingdao facilities


Qingdao weisheng electronic plastic co. LTD, a member of the V.S. International Group.
V.S. International Group that is an integrated manufacturing services engaging in mold design and fabrication, producing plastics molded products and electronics assemblies. They have manufacturing facilities in Qing Dao and Zhuhai in China, and Hanoi in Vietnam.

In Qingdao manufacturing facilities, Attractivechina installing an automatic robot spraying production line, which guarantees excellent quality of performance even at high operating speeds. A solution that meets the need for large production volumes of spraying.

The design engineers and technical staff, with customers established an excellent working relationship, succeeded in creating an extremely sophisticated, high-tech solution tailored to customer needs. What's more, the fact that Attractivechina is such a sound business ensures that the relationship between customer and us will last over time. Attractive is a partner that gives customers access not only to high quality spraying standards, but also to continuity with regard to research and development.

Choosing Attractive has enabled Qingdao weisheng electronic plastic company to enhance its lacquered processing line with the solution, tailor-made for its needs: to increase production while keeping consumption levels under control, with a strong focus on its coating production eco-sustainability, and the availability of assistance from technical experts, even in remote mode.

Our customer uses the following products

UV curing oven
Consist of Flat conveyor system, tunnel curing oven and UV curing device.
1. The heating is faster and more uniform, the oven uses mirror reflective plate to save power, it can be customized for customers.
2. Intelligent self-check heating reduces energy consumption; Can be designed according to customer requirements, heating different shapes and specifications of the

3. Rock wool insulation is used to ensure the temperature dissipation and reduce the noise generated by the equipment.
4. Easy to use, simple and clear human machine interface, flexible and convenient operation and low maintenance.

water curtain paint spray booth
1. Prevent the paint particles from spreading outside to pollute the environment, it also solves the difficulty of cleaning the spray booth.
2. Can concentrate the pollutant in the specific place, just as in the water curtain booth pollutant simultaneously mixes in the water.
3. A small amount of chemical agent (oil chemical agent) can be added to concentrate the waste oil particles into blocks for cleaning.
4. Detachable inspection door for easy cleaning and inspection.
5. Smooth and flat water curtain wall helps the water flat flow down into the tank.

automatic spray robot
1. The workpiece spraying induction control system can sense the position of the workpiece, automatically start and stop the oil spraying, reduce paint waste.
2. Can work 24 hours a day, the output is 1~3 times of manual operation. Uniform spraying, high precision, flexible paint output control, can save 30% of paint
3. Automatic paint spray robot technology has more efficient and speedy, leading to higher production rates than with human labor.




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