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Revolutionary dust-free paint spraying coating line solution offered by Attractivechina for junsheng company


Attractivechina owns excellent teams on R&D and creative which lead to become the core enterprise in coating  industry. At present, there are 280 professional engineers and workers working in  Chuangzhi who owns rich experiences on mechanical, electrical appliance and environment etc. Decades of years, Attractivechina focused on offer a best quality  equipment and service of coating in many industries such as  woodware(instrument), electrical appliance, automobile and accessories etc.

The main processes and equipmnets:
Pretreatment Process: Loading → Pre-degreasing → Degreasing → Rinse 1 → Rinse 2 → Pure water rinse → Automatic water blowing → Drying oven → Cooling → Unloading

Main equipment:
Desk type pretreatment(main material is 304 stainless steel), Drying oven, Central control system          
Automatic paint spray systems: Loading → Fire treatment → manual dedusting →automatic dedusting → Primer painting → Flash-off → Drying → Cooling → Inspection → Sanding → Dedusting → Color paint spraying → Flash-off → Clear painting →Flash-off → Baking → Cooling →Unloading
Main automatic paint spraying machines: PVC and Suspension conveyor system, Dedusting booth, Water curtain spraying booth, Sanding booth, Curing oven, Air supply and filtration system.

The benefits of this automatic spray system:
1.The whole electrostatic spray painting area with enclosed design, separated from the outside, air supply equipped with the air filtration system, ensure the air cleanliness.
2.In order to ensure the dedusting effect, the convey system in the automatic dedusting room equipped with rotation device, the dedusting effect is more when the dedusting process with rotation, the characteristics are good of electrostatic spraying and can control the defects.
3. After dedusting, the workpiece conveyed into the electrostatic spraying booth, the spraying booth is the most part in whole coating line. The fresh air sent by the air supply device passes through the filter device before entering the spraying booth to ensure the cleanliness. More than 90% of the paint mist is treated by the water curtain.
4.The spray gun adopts imported professionally spray gun, and its paint quantity is stable and reliable to ensure the spray quality
5.The flash-off section is provided with air supply device and exhaust device to ensure the electrostatic spraying concentration in flash-off room does not exceed the explosion limit to ensure safety.
6.There are several fans on the top of the curing furnace, the impeller agitates the hot air of the furnace, so that the workpiece is heated evenly, the inner is all made of stainless steel, not rust, suitable for frequent maintenance and cleaning.
7.The automatic spraying line adopt ground chain conveyor system, move stable, no drop slag, no lubrication, as well as frequency control and emergency device
8.The whole automatic spraying line has smooth running, simple operation, easy inspection, most processes are automation, can reduce labor cost, and the remote control system is available to make the convenient operation

Attractivechina has been focusing on the field of customized automatic spraying line for 30 years, which integrates r&d, production, sales and service. Also can design automatic coating line according to the actual situation of customer, and provide customers with satisfactory products and services.




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