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Introduction to the working principle of automatic robotic electrostatic spraying line

The automatic robotic electrostatic spraying line is a spraying method that uses a high-voltage electrostatic electric field to make the negatively charged paint particles move in a direction opposite to the electric field, and adsorb the paint particles on the surface of the workpiece.




Routine maintenance of spray painting production line

The equipment is maintained by wiping, cleaning, lubricating, adjusting and other general methods to maintain and protect the performance and technical conditions of the equipment.




How to improve the working efficiency of metal powder coating line equipment

How to improve the working efficiency of metal powder coating line equipment 1. Resistivity of powder: The resistivity of the powder is ideally between 1010-1016 ohms/cm. If the resistivity of the powder spraying line equipment is too low, it will easily cause the powder to disperse, and if the resistivity is too high, it will affect the coating thickness of the powder spraying line equipment.




Coating production line manufacturers talk about how to operate the automatic spraying line

Everyone should know the automatic spraying line. The automatic spraying line is to spray your favorite color or decoration on the surface of the product by automatic spraying, instead of manual spraying. It also has fast speed, uniform spraying and high efficiency. It is an alternative to labor. The output is large and the efficiency is high, which is 4 to 5 times that of labor products. So, how to operate the automatic spraying line?




Talking about the site spraying production line

As the name suggests, the floor-type spraying line is sprayed by ground rail transportation. The process flow: loading, automatic dust removal room, manual repair color room, infrared preheating room, manual spraying room, robot spraying room, manual spraying room, flow Flat area, microwave heating, UV light curing, lower parts. Its advantages are stable precision, good wear resistance, even workpiece rotation, robot multi-point spraying, automatic induction spraying, reducing paint loss, and suitable for all kinds of panel furniture.




Talking about the coating technology of rail transit

With the development of cities, more and more cities are building rail transit, such as subways, urban rails, high-speed rails, etc. In the process of building rail transit, coating technology has become an indispensable link, which greatly improves rail transit The service life and warranty period of the vehicle, long-term protection of objects, prevent chemical corrosion, climate influence, chemical influence, etc. For example, in the case of acid rain, high temperature exposure, and large climate temperature differences, they all play a good protective role.




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