The methods commonly used to increase the friction force on the metal surface


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Nowdays, although automated production is the mainstream, it is undeniable that manual operation is indispensable in the manufacturing process. During the work processing, most of time, we need to hold the metal parts to operate, but because of the smoothness of the metal surface, will prompt us to find ways to increase the friction of the metal surface. There are several methods commonly used to increase the friction force on the metal surface.


1.Knurling is a mechanical process, just as fine mesh on the metal surface, is generally used to increase the surface friction of the surface treatment process. There are two kinds of figures with knurled on the metal surface: straight pattern and netted pattern. Knurling is to use knurling knife to extrude the workpiece and make the surface plastic deformation to form the pattern. Most application for some hammer and other tools of the hand grip will do knurling processing for convenient grasp. After knurling, you should make the workpiece to anodizing.


2.Sand blasting is the use of compressed air as power, direct injection of sand to the metal surface, so that the metal surface to a certain degree of roughness. The purpose of sand blasting is to remove rust and remove oil stains and impurities on the surface. If the roughness is improved after sand blasting than the original, the friction coefficient can be improved a little.


3.Painting wrinkle finish,Corrugated paint is composed of amino resin and alkyd resin, pigment, diluted with xylene and butanol and then added with non-floating aluminum powder to form bright hammer paint. Rugose lacquer surface resembles the hammer that hits iron plate place to leave hammer fine decorative pattern, have tough and durable, colour is harmonic, decorative pattern is beautiful and also can increase the friction force on the surface.


Maybe there are other methods I haven’t concluded, but the above methods if you find anyone suitable for you, you can have a try and find the best one. Watch more videos

The methods commonly used to increase the friction force on the metal surface

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