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What are the process flow of the automotive painting shop?


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In the automotive industry, the spraying process is an indispensable part and plays a very important role in the protection of the car. Common automotive parts spraying includes automobile body overall spraying, automobile wheel coating, automobile bumper spraying, etc., and the painting process of each component is not the same, but it is similar. So, what are the processes in the car painting shop? Today, Chuangzhi Coating will reveal the three processes of the car painting workshop for you!

1. Pretreatment process

process flow of the automotive painting shop

In order to obtain high-quality coating effect and good anti-corrosion performance, the body must be surface treated before painting, including removing impurities such as oil, rust, scale and the necessary surface chemical treatment and conversion. Through the pre-treatment process, the adhesion and corrosion resistance of the body coating film can be improved, the protective effect of the coating can be fully exerted, and the service life of the coating can be prolonged.

At present, the process flow of coating automation lines in most car factories in China is generally: hot water washing - pre-degreasing - main degreasing - spray washing - water washing - surface conditioning - phosphating - spray washing - water washing - passivation - circulating deionized water Spray washing - circulating deionized water dipping - fresh deionized water spray washing, a total of 13 process sections, usually a hand wipe before hot water wash. In general, pre-treatment can be divided into four parts: degreasing, surface conditioning, phosphating and passivation. The four are washed with water to prevent impurities from being carried into the next process to cause cross-contamination.

2. Bottom powder line process

Bottom powder line process

The workpiece enters the spray gun position of the spray booth through the conveyor chain to prepare for the spraying operation. The electrostatic generator releases high-voltage static electricity (negative electrode) through the electrode needle of the gun nozzle to the space in the direction of the workpiece, and the high-voltage static electricity makes it.

The mixture of powder and compressed air ejected from the lance and the air around the electrode are ionized (negatively charged). The workpiece passes through the conveyor through the conveyor link (grounding pole), so that an electric field powder is formed between the spray gun and the workpiece to reach the surface of the workpiece under the double push of the electric field force and the compressed air pressure, and a uniform layer is formed on the surface of the workpiece by electrostatic attraction. Coating.

3. Painting line process

Painting line process

Painting is the surface treatment of covered products and semi-finished products. The paint is rust-proof, anti-corrosive, beautiful and has the function of marking. Pre-treatment must be carried out before painting. At this time, the products to be painted should be inspected as a whole, and the repairable defects should be repaired and remedied.
Paint process flow diagram:
Grinding → remove dust → spray all over paint → sanding → remove dust → spray two times paint (third time, the same steps as before).

The workpiece entrance and exit adopts the contoured door and air seal of the workpiece to reduce the paint mist to other areas; the overall micro-negative pressure design of the spray booth, combined with the exhaust gas treatment device, can effectively reduce the pollution caused by the paint mist; according to the spray characteristics of the workpiece, the unique The bottom water swirl + water curtain design effectively improves the mixing probability of paint mist and water, and improves the paint mist capture efficiency by more than 95%; at the same time, it greatly reduces the difficulty of cleaning the bottom of the spray booth. The water cycle adopts a large circulation design, water resources can be reused, water saving is about 5%, and wastewater treatment costs are reduced.

The above is about the "automobile painting workshop process?" The information is provided by 25 years of coating production line manufacturers Chuangzhi coating finishing, more information about the coating production line equipment, welcome to pay attention to us to get updated information!