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Product Customization: Chuagzhi Coating Enables Fully Automated Painting Line Of Automotive With IIoT In 2020


Chuangzhi Coating

The more customized, the better –For the automotive industry, two-tone in painting line means considerably more cost and effort. Not only does it require more time and energy, it also creates a lot of wastage. Thanks to a pioneering innovation offered by Chuangzhi Coating, this is now changing. With our system, the world market leader in automotive painting technology presents an automated application solution with IIoT that ensures an high level of precision in painting line.


Our system also offers important benefits in the painting of electric cars, and it is the first system to efficiently combine customized product design with automated production. When only one type of paint is applied, the efficiency of modern automotive paint shops is unrivaled. Adding a contrasting or accent color, this is not only associated with high labor costs, but the energy consumption for the curing of paint increases by at least 25 % compared to single-color painting. Moreover, the painting line is blocked by the second paint application, which wastes valuable time.


Our innovate system is much more efficient when using on the painting line, it only takes a cycle time of 120 seconds to apply a contrasting color to a car body roof. Our system helps electric car manufacturers to fulfill an important customer requirement. Our system achieves its high level of precision because the applicator does not generate any overspray at all. The applicator is the centerpiece of the perfectly designed of system in the painting line. “This high-tech process enables the automotive industry to fulfill customers’ specific requirements faster while ensuring top quality. There is great interest in the market, as we are offering real added value with this new technology.” Our system is currently being tested at several automobile parts manufacturing sites. In the meantime, we are already working on a further development of the technology, which can also paint more complex geometries. Our technology offers even more possibilities for product customization.


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