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Talking about some thoughts in the design process of furniture spray paint room


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The furniture spray paint industry is different from the spray paint of the building materials, electric power, and locomotive industries. The furniture spray paint workpieces are relatively small and scattered, but they have higher environmental requirements. Some manufacturers also designed special spray equipment and spray booths specifically for the woodworking industry. Therefore, in the design process of furniture painting booths, the main basis for the design of painting booths should be based on workers' physical and mental health, whether the cleanliness of the discharged air has reached the standard, and whether product quality is guaranteed. The following are some of my thoughts on the design process of spray paint room:

design of furniture spray paint room

1. Design principles of furniture painting room
The design of the spray booth must meet the requirements of the production process, the selection of the corresponding equipment must be safe and practical, and the materials used must be economical and elegant, and the appearance must be beautiful. In addition, it must comply with China's relevant laws and regulations. Such as GB3096 urban area environmental noise standards, GB7691 safety regulations for painting operations, GBJ4 industrial waste emission standards, GB14444-93 spray booth safety technical regulations.

design of furniture spray paint room

2. Several safety issues that must be considered in the design, installation and use of furniture spray booths
(1.) Since the paint spray equipment is a special special equipment, a special person must be responsible for opening, closing and running inspections.
(2.) Design should consider eliminating static electricity. Because the filter material of the paint spraying and exhausting filtering system is mostly chemical fiber products, the filtering material will collect a lot of dust during the air supply and dust exhausting process. Under the power of the fan, there will be more static electricity and discharge due to friction. Without a static elimination device, fires and explosions can easily occur. If the outdoor dust exhaust duct exceeds the height of the building, lightning protection measures should also be considered.
(3.) When designing the lighting of the paint room, the selected lamps and switches must be explosion-proof to avoid danger when they are turned on.
(4.) Explosion-proof fans must be selected for dust exhaust fans. At the same time, the noise of the fans must not be exceeded.
(5.) On the premise of meeting the requirements of the process, it is necessary to use an economical and suitable air supply and exhaust fan. At the same time, it is required that the air supply to the fan is 10% larger than the exhaust air to ensure that the paint room has a slight positive pressure.
(6.) During the production and installation, it is necessary to do according to the design requirements, to avoid changing the drawings at will, to ensure the installation quality of the paint room.
(7.) The filters and paint mist purifiers for the exhaust system should be cleaned regularly to prevent damage to the operating environment of the system. It is necessary to establish and improve the relevant maintenance system, and set up a special person responsible.
(8.) The solid waste filtered from the dry spray booth and the waste residue filtered from the wet paint booth must be properly treated to avoid secondary pollution.

design of furniture spray paint room

3. Technical parameters of furniture spray paint room design
(1.) Feed wind speed is more than 0.3m / s, but not more than 06m / s;
(2.) The noise is not greater than 75dB;
(3.) The illumination in the workplace is not less than 500lu;
(4.) The filtering dust removal effect is above 98%.

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