Three common treatments before painting


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Pre-treatment is the process of thoroughly cleaning the scales, rust, grease, dust and other dirt on the surface of the workpiece before painting, so that the coating powder is firmly bonded to the metal surface and has strong adhesion, so that the product can obtain high quality and prolong Product life.The three common processing methods before coating are divided into three types: immersion type, spray type and submersible type. The processing method is selected according to the workpiece and specific production requirements.

painting line pretreatment equipment

1. Snorkeling

The submersible treatment method is a method of conveying through a suspended chain to allow the workpiece to be immersed in the swimming pool and processed in the medicine liquid pool. It is suitable for the treatment of various complex shapes of objects, and has good effect and saves the amount of medicine.

2. Spray type

The spray type treatment method uses the spray principle to make the chemical liquid continuously work on the surface of the workpiece, which has strong work continuity and high efficiency. It is suitable for large-scale operation requirements, and has good processing effects. It is suitable for larger pipes, long pieces and structures. Simpler items and generally adopt elevated structure to save floor space.

3. Liquid immersion

The immersion liquid processing method is to use a crane to immerse the workpiece in the chemical liquid pool, and complete the treatment of the workpiece surface by physical and chemical methods. It is suitable for degreasing workpieces with complicated surfaces and severe rust, and installing trachea in the film tank. Depending on the specific conditions of the workpiece, the processing liquid can be stirred. A heating device can be installed in the liquid tank to improve processing efficiency, simple installation and low cost.

painting line pretreatment equipment

Painting series The company can design, produce, manufacture, install and provide one-stop service for customers based on the site. Whole plant coating equipment, whole plant output, powder automatic, manual dusting room, spray booth, spray booth, water cabinet, automatic metal pretreatment, sealed furnace, tunnel furnace, drying furnace, water cutting furnace, suspension conveying The tunnel furnace equipment of UV series is designed and manufactured with advanced foreign technology, with advanced structure, easy disassembly and assembly and beautiful appearance. 

Gantry type pre-treatment equipment

Use of new domestic thermal insulation materials, strong thermal insulation, infrared heating technology, reasonable layout of heating elements, low energy consumption. The hot air circulation is adopted to make the temperature in the furnace more uniform and ensure the baking quality. The electric control cabinet adopts an advanced digital display automatic temperature control system, which can be arbitrarily adjusted between room temperature -200c, sensitive response and reliable work. According to user product requirements, design and manufacture of various non-standard ovens and through-type drying line assembly line.


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Three common treatments before painting

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