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Several spray booths and buying tips commonly used in furniture


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Furniture spray painting room is a kind of equipment for spray painting and drying the equipment surface. It can not only play a beautiful role on the equipment, but also protect the items, and solve the problem of spray paint and low paint temperature. Common spray booths include water curtain booth, dry booth, and water spin booth. Next, I will introduce in detail these three common spray booths and their buying tips.
1. Water curtain spray paint room

The characteristic of the water curtain spray paint room is to use the flowing curtain-shaped water layer to collect and take away the paint mist. The exhaust device ensures that the paint mist does not escape, and maintains a good working environment in the workshop. The water curtain spray painting room is mainly composed of a chamber body, a trough body, a water curtain board, a water circulation system, a spray system, a steam-water separation system, a slag removal system, and an exhaust system.

Furniture spray painting room

The working principle of the water curtain spray painting room: a smooth stainless steel water curtain is made in the front direction of the room body, and the water is pumped to the top overflow tank to overflow to form a waterfall curtain. When spraying paint, the sprayed mist will be absorbed by the water when it touches the water curtain, and will be accumulated in the lower water tank. The paint mist that does not hit the water curtain will be guided by the fan and filtered by the spray water filter, and will be filtered by the air-water separator. Gas and water are separated to complete the paint mist purification process. The paint slag is suspended in the water tank after flocculation. If it is not cleaned in time, it is easy to block the pipes of the water supply system. In the past, manual fishing was used, but often the pipeline was blocked due to improper cleaning and the labor intensity of the operator was increased. The water curtain paint room is equipped with a set of slag removal device, which can automatically remove the slag in the water tank. The operator only needs to press the control alarm prompt to pour out the slag.
2. Dry spray booth

The dry spray painting room is mainly composed of the main body, the air supply system, the air exhaust system, and the paint mist filtering system.

Furniture spray painting room

The working principle of the dry spray paint room: the roof is equipped with an air inlet filter device, so that the natural wind entering the paint room can be purified. Explosion-proof lighting is installed on the outside of the roof of the paint room to ensure that the paint spray illumination in the paint room is above 500Lu. For heavy and large workpieces, it can be transported by means of railcars. The main function of the paint mist filter system is to filter and adsorb paint mist and solvents in the paint room to ensure the quality of the outdoor air. The exhaust air purification device is divided into two sections, the former section is a paint mist filter device, and the latter section is adsorbed by activated carbon after filtering waste paint. The filter device is easy to replace, and the activated carbon can be reused after uniform regeneration.
3. Water spin spray booth

The water-spinning spray booth is generally up-down and down-exhaust, and the structure of the water-spinner is used to remove paint mist. It is mainly composed of room body, air supply system, paint mist filter system, exhaust system, water circulation system, hydrocyclone, etc.

Furniture spray painting room

The working principle of the water spin spray booth: According to the atomization principle of the gas-liquid two-phase mixture, if the speed of water and air is very different, water can be atomized well in the air, and then fully contact and condense with the paint mist. Finally, the water and lacquer are left in the water, and then the water is reprocessed. Water-spinning spray booth is a large-scale spray booth with many applications.

In the selection of furniture painting equipment, the actual conditions of the production process should be fully considered. Generally speaking, if the painting is comprehensive, furniture that does not require high processing environment can be simple fume hood. If it is the quality of furniture products If the requirements are very high, a spray booth can be used. If there is a large amount of furniture and high product quality requirements, automatic spraying production line equipment should be used. In short, the main basis for choosing paint spray equipment should be based on the physical and mental health of the workers, whether the cleanliness of the discharged air has reached the standard, and whether the product quality is guaranteed. The use of the spray booth will effectively deal with the paint mist generated by the spray painting operation, ensure the product quality of the sprayed workpieces, improve the product qualification rate, achieve the purpose of internal environmental protection and external environmental protection, and have universal promotion and use value.

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