Intelligent Powder Supply System Of Custom Painting Solution


Chuangzhi Coating

Powder supply system integrated with powder recycle device , automatic powder sieve and powder fluidization and its functionally transmit the powder to spray gun ,conduct a anti-blow cleaning by suction pipeline as well as a series of electrical automation control.

New concept named “multiple color spraying” developing a trend in custom painting solution in recent years which break away from the traditional way. Its short cleaning time, easily change color, reduce powder consumption and air pollution etc which arouse the peoples” reflection on efficiency, investment and environment technology in coating industry.

A scalability and flexibility intelligentpowder supply systemapplication in transmit the powder to spray gun continually ,evenly and quantitatively. Its advantage is automatic mix the fresh powder and recycled powder together in a certain ratio to attain cyclic utilization. During the powder rotation and fluidization process should be in a sealing and quiet status completely, avoid any powder overflow and noise polluted occurred. (noise level should be lower than 75dB during working, and color change should be lower than 95 dB)

Accessories of intelligent powder supply system:

1.The cone shape powder bag or vibration flatform can support 250kg heavy and the powder fluidization process can be proceed by powder pipe and vibrated pump.

2.Equip with a high accuracy monitor for powder which perform a constantly powder checking.

3.Powder fluidization box with sealing feature comply with the powder sieve working together which capable powder volume with 6~7kg as well as support 24~30 pcs spray guns running. The fresh powder mixed with recycled to a certain ration then can be cyclic utilization base on program setting.

4.Ultrasonic vibration screen available for various size sieves.

Powder supply systemcontrol by a compact program and operated by touch screen in custom painting solution designed. The operator can automatically choose the actually condition ,alarm message ,parameter or by manual ,they even setting up the parameter base on various of product. A intelligent powder supply systemwill send out a alarm message remind the operator dosing powder or exchange box when powder shortage as well as it will record related information automatically. Same operation as when a breakdown or a wrong parameter setting occur. Further, operator just connect the powder suction pipe into powder recycled place when turn to color change ,and press the “powder recycle” showing on the operation interface then finished the “color change by one button” done.

Powder supply system developed by Chuangzhi aim to keep the powder fluidization constant evenly it adopt a powder bag or a origin powder box .Its smart automatic and supervisory control system for powder quantity ,equip with a pulse type anti-blow device to ensure conduct a automatic cleaning for spray gun and pipeline with more easily and quickly special in user-friendly application in powder color change and environmental protective in workshop.


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