How To Install And Maintenance The Powder Coating Plant?


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Recently there are lots of consultation about installation and maintenance of powder coating plant . Do you have idea about the installation and operation for powder coating plant ? How to conduct the maintenance for series of equipment application in powder coating?

1.Power supply connection
When the worker carry out the power connection in the powder coating plant there are some requirement have to following. The powder supply made of 3 phase and 4 wires, outer with a general switch which available either 3 groups & 4 wires & 4 pole, or the switch with 3 phase and zero wire connection .Something pay attention to not allow the zero wire go through another switch.

2.Start the motor 
Firstly when the operator connect the power supply in the powder coating plant then all the indicated lamp are turning on which proved the 3 phase power have been connected with the power distribution box successfully. The next step is turn on the motor by press the green button, or press the short blue bottom placed in the power distribution box which equip with a long red button. Once the motor running , turn on the switch of speed regulation meter as well as adjust the potentiometerup slowly to keep the rotation speed up to a ideal level. In the case of turn off the machine, adjust the data of meter to zero as well as turn off the speed regulation meter then press the red button of moto to stop motor and the powder coating plant will stop running partial.

3.Start the fluorescent lamp
Turn on or turn off the lamp in the powder coating plant by press the panel. If it is not enough shining for the fluorescent lamp then have to inspect the air switch whether on status in electricity box.

How to repair and maintenance the nose motor for the powder coating equipment? It is not allow motor touch the water or add some liquid organic compounds or any diesel because it is easily break the insulation of motor causing failure in the powder coating plant .

5.How to repair and maintenance the chain which running in the powder coating plant?
It is easily lead to the grease happen volatilization after a long running of chain due to the heating up, and in this case occur a series effect such as unbalance, big noise and crawl etc during the chain working. In this moment, open the sealing board of equipment, adding some grease with a high concentration then can helpful running well.

6.How to repair and maintenance the rose motor of reduction gear box?
It is necessary to discharge the engine oil clearly which in the reduction gear box when start to using the equipment in the powder coating plant. It is properly adopt the diesel or gasoline to clean inside of reduction gear box and then add some fresh grease into the middle position of observation window( please pay attention to the volume of grease if properly). It is enough change the grease 1 time per year the reason is a over volume cause reduction gear box heating up and then shutdown the protective function of motor with over load. Oppositely low volume grease will heating up the reduction gear box as well as occur a big noise even breakdown the reduction gear box. Watch more videos

How To Install And Maintenance The Powder Coating Plant?