FAQ Of Drying & Curing Process In The Automatic Spray Line


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The purpose of drying & curing process in the spray line (no matter for manual or automatic operation )is put the coating attached fixedly on the product surface under a certain condition of time and temperature. In this way there are divide into various heating type, such as by fuel , gas, electricity, steam heating etc. Nowadays a widely application in spraying line are electrical and gas heating.


1.A over high temperature occur on the surface of drying & curing furnace.

drying & curing furnace

A poor insulation as well as the temperature of furnace body and related moisture out of standard totally caused by the unproperly material usage. In addition ,it lead to a higher consumption amount. (The general outer wall not acceptable over 15℃and it should keep have a efficiently insulation)


2. A unqualified installation of waste air exhaust pipeline.

Some of waste air exhaust pipeline in the drying & curing furnace which doesn’t connect with outside , in this condition the waste air emission into inside of workshop and then cause air pollution. Similarly some of either doesn’t set up to the position where with a high volume concentration of waste air ,it is not advantage to waste air emission rapidly.

To prevent air accumulation in one place, the proper place for exhaust pipeline should be installed the position where can generate a big amount concentration by waste air.

The product after sprayed will go to the next process for drying & curing. Due to the coating contain a varying degrees organic solvent existing as well as the organic solvent with flammability feature, and the waste air accumulated to a certain amount which doesn’t not discharge promptly, it will easily cause a serious safety accident.


Chuangzhi Coating designed and manufactured a series of drying & curing furnace suitable to all kinds of spray line base on actual workplace and process requirement. our compact design furnace such as hanging type, support type, straight type, rotatory type, bridge type, flat type and horizontal type, and they are leading a trend in the spray painting market no matter for domestic or abroad. 


A advanced drying & curing furnace should be heating evenly, low temperature tolerance, a wide range heating efficiency, easily maintenance and management and a competitive investment for customer. Watch more videos

FAQ Of Drying & Curing Process In The Automatic Spray Line

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