The Initial Part Of Painting Line -Pretreatment Process


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The pretreatment of painting line we call preprocess of painting, sandblast of surface or grinding treatment. It is include a series of process such as sandblast, degrease, rust removal, phosphatizing,anodizing, polish by manual and rinse etc. It is a initial and essential process before conduct the painting line production.

A variety of pretreatment equipment such as spraying type, dipping type and dipping in tank by manual mostly manufacturing by anti corrosion and durable material. The painting line provider familiar with customers’ requirement and advise the proper pretreatment solution based on the product characteristic to ensure obtain a most ideal result.

pretreatment equipment

In the pretreatment workshop, it is necessary to prepare out the rules and regulations for strong acid and alkali of purchase, transport , storage and instruction. And it is absolutely support the safety device to operator such as safety glove, mask, glass and assistant loading device and related accessories. Moreover, all the operator should be conducted a completely training education of emergency treatment and first aid measures in the case of an accident happen. Lastly, there are a certain amount of waste air and liquid generation , painting line provider have to consider the waste air and liquid emission and equip with the exhaust, discharge and treatment solution.

The pretreatment of painting line

The coming out surface appearance is discrepancy because of the liquid using or the process different during pretreatment. A high quality product after preprocess which oil and rust on the surface have been removed completely. Adding the phosphatizing and passivation process into the pretreatment to ensure without occur the rust generation again. Drying the phosphatized product to remove the water on the surface before powder spraying. For small batch production we suggest adopt the natural method to dry, and for the big amount production should take measure by furnace, said by one technician who is responsible for pretreatment design in Chuangzhi Coating.

Nowadays environmental protection and labor working condition improved have become the most concerned point with the development of industry. Meanwhile ,a high performance pretreatment of painting line not only have a cleanness surface appearance but also meet up the requirement of energy saving and environmental friendly.  Watch more videos

The Initial Part Of Painting Line -Pretreatment Process

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