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The Safety Instruction Of Powder Coating Equipment


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Powder coating it is a substance with flammability as well as with a risk of explosion. Furthermore, powder easily flying off around and it is harmful to human health during the powder coating equipment working.
How the powder occur explosion when we are running the powder coating equipment? During a mixing between powder coating and air, when over the lower limit concentration and the ignition source then will cause the explosion happen .( For example, the explosion lower limit concentration for epoxy resin is 30g/m3. The general value is 20-50g/m3 and it is depends on various powder coating material. And the mio ignition data is 10mJ-40mJ, the ignition of epoxy resin is 15mJ). How to avoid the explosion risk occur in the operation of powder coating equipment? A essential treatment t is eliminate the ignition source of powder coating equipment, control the powder concentration value and powder flying off randomly.


A Series Of Specific Measures:
1.It is necessary regularly inspect the insulation of spray gun and electric cable because of a high pressure of electrostatic using on powder coating equipment
2. The spray gun not allow touch any conductivity substance near the ground during the powder coating equipment working.
3. All related powder coating accessories such as powder coating booth, air duct, powder recycle device, conveyor belt, fixture or related parts should be with a good connection to the ground.
4. A processing product and its related fixture not allow falling in the powder coating booth.
5.A regularly cleaning for coating layer on the conveyor belt and fixture, keep the coating product within a good condition of connect well to the ground
6. Operator must take on the insulation tools as well as wear ( under 1MΩ) the dedust mask during running the powder coating equipment.
7. The installation of electrical components and equipment should be obey the local electrical regulation. The electrical device and switch box should be dedust with a good sealing then the powder can not coming to inside.
8. The powder recycle device equip with a anti explosion door as well as with a functional designed.
9. The recycle device should equip with a pressure meter with easily inspection.

Nowadays there are issue a whole set SOP named < The Safety Instruction Of Powder Coating Equipment> with total 12 items in China which indicate a very strictly requirement for powder coating equipment working place choose and powder material control system. Under these conditions it is not only setting up a clearly target for powder coating development also it is a basic standard for coating process as well as a new start of powder coating industry.

So we get a conclusion the safety accident happen caused by the feature and concentration of powder ,as well as the ignition energy and combustion improver. The feature of powder and ignition energy depends on the product characteristic and process. And the powder concentration and combustion improver can be controlled well by ventilation.
Even there are a possibility of safety accident occur due to the flammability feature of powder, but control the ventilation and powder concentration within a certain limit value, then it is certainly create out a safety ,stable and orderly environment for powder coating. 


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