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Composition of degreasing equipment for automobile coating production line



Because the car has a variety of oil stains such as rust-proof oil, stamping oil, and drawing oil in the stamping and welding workshop, the degreasing process is the first step of the pre-treatment of the car, and it is an important step to ensure that the oil on the surface of the body-in-white can be completely removed. Next, I will introduce in detail the composition of the pre-treatment degreasing equipment of the automobile coating production line.

Composition of degreasing equipment

1.Chamber body:

The pretreatment consists of processes such as degreasing, water washing and blow drying. It is designed as a semi-closed four chambers (which can effectively prevent liquid from splashing to other stations) by manual washing. One set of high temperature and high pressure water gun, one set of circulating water device (shared), one set of air gun for drying and one set of lighting system are provided in each chamber body. One set of high-temperature and high-pressure water gun must be available.

The chamber body adopts a semi-closed structure, which can effectively prevent liquid from splashing to other stations. Material of cover wall plate: δ2.0㎜stainless steel plate for side wall and top wall plate, δ2.0㎜stainless steel plate for bottom wall plate, mechanical welding at seams, full welding, channel steel Or welded from square steel pipes. There are PVC soft curtain partitions between each station to reduce liquid leakage between adjacent stations.

In order to facilitate observation, indoor lighting and normal maintenance, glass windows are installed on the upper side of the immersion tank cover, maintenance lighting is installed at the appropriate position on the top, and sidewalk doors and maintenance platforms are provided. Lighting switches are provided on the side doors.

automobile coating production line

The degreasing cover is provided with an exhaust or supply and exhaust system and a fan maintenance platform. There is a grill channel in the chamber. The grill is a δ4.0㎜ stainless steel plate grill, which is light in weight and has good anticorrosive performance.
2. Exhaust system:

An exhaust fan is installed at the degreasing station, so that the wind speed at the inlet of the workpiece reaches above 0.2m ∕ s to ensure that the sprayed hot air does not overflow, and the material of the air pipe is δ2.0㎜ stainless steel plate.
3. Pump:

All pumps use Kaiquan mechanical seal pumps (all water pumps must have safety protection devices).
4. Pressure gauge and valve:

All pump outlet pipes are equipped with pressure gauges and the valves are made of stainless steel. The pressure gauges and pressure adjustment equipment on all spray pipes are placed in a conspicuous position to accurately reflect the actual spray pressure and enable timely pressure adjustment.
5. Circulation tank:

It is welded by profiles and plates. It uses channel steel or square steel pipe as the skeleton to support the entire tank. The tank is made of δ3㎜ stainless steel plate. Two heating tanks are added with 50㎜ thick rock wool insulation layer, 2.0㎜ stainless steel inner plate and 1.5 内 stainless steel outer plate.
The upper part of the tank is provided with a water supply pipe; the bottom of the tank is designed as a slope to facilitate slag drainage and flushing; the bottom of the tank is a single-sided inclined surface (inclination angle ≮3 °), and a drain port with a valve is installed at the lowest position.

automobile coating production line

6. Piping:

All sprinkler and tank circulation pipelines are made of stainless steel. The flange and valve materials are the same as the pipeline.
7. Platform:

Operating platforms are set on both sides of the chamber body. The platform is not included in the chamber body, and the structure is δ4㎜ pattern steel plate + section steel. Set a steel inclined ladder, the angle of the italic is less than 45 °. The platform anti-corrosion is brushed with one primer and two top coats. The color of the brush is specified by our company.
8. Other:

The sampling station is set at the degreasing station. There is a sewage drainage ditch and covered with a safety cover. (Set the adjustment device so that the PH value of the waste liquid is neutrally discharged)

The above is the relevant content of "composition of degreasing equipment for pretreatment of automobile coating production line". The information is provided by Guangdong Chuangzhi, a 25-year-old coating production line manufacturer. For more information about the coating production line, please follow us for updates!