Technical specifications for drying room of coating production line


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Drying and curing equipment (drying room) is formed by spraying the powder or paint on the surface of the workpiece under the scientific temperature in a curing oven or drying tunnel, through the curing process such as melting, leveling, and adhesive film formation. Ideal, special equipment with excellent protective and decorative coatings to meet the needs of the workpiece. Drying and curing equipment is based on the principle of convective heat transfer. With hot air as the carrier, heat is transferred to the workpiece by convection to heat the workpiece, or far-infrared radiation is used to heat the workpiece to achieve coating film curing and moisture Purpose of drying.

drying room of coating production line

1. Working principle of drying room of coating production line:

Direct far-infrared heating is adopted, and hot air circulation pipes are provided on both sides of the chamber. During work, the indoor hot air is circulated by the fan. After the internal circulation, most of the hot air is continuously heated and used, and it is sent to the inside of the drying room, so that the temperature in the drying room is balanced. When the temperature reaches the set temperature, some of the far-infrared heating tubes are automatically turned off. When the temperature drops to the set temperature, the heating tube is turned on to keep the temperature in the baking room relatively constant.

2. Composition of drying room equipment of coating production line:

The equipment is mainly composed of room body, hot air circulation fan, far-infrared heating system, control system and other parts.

(1.) Chamber

The chamber body is composed of rectangular steel, angle steel and rock wool sandwich insulation board. The thickness of the insulation layer in the drying room is 150㎜. Both the wall and the roof of the room are made of integrated insulation siding and roof. The gap between the plate and the plate is fully welded (argon arc welding). The thermal insulation of the room is made of high-quality thermal insulation rock wool, which minimizes the heat loss in the drying room and reduces the thermal bridge phenomenon; the outside of the room is made of 1.5㎜ thick galvanized steel and the inner layer is made of 2.0㎜ thick zinc plate. 


The bottom of the room is made of profiled steel and a 100㎜ (capacity: greater than 100㎏ ∕ m³) rock wool insulation layer is laid to effectively solve the problem of heat preservation and support equipment at the bottom. When the equipment is running, the noise is ≤85dB.

drying room of coating production line

There is a temperature detection point in the drying room, one of which is displayed, controlled, and recorded, and the other is displayed, the temperature control accuracy is ± 5 ° C; and the limit temperature protection is set to prevent the temperature from being too high, and there is a data record (can be stored to a U disk) . The chamber body is a through type, and hot air curtain devices are provided on both sides of the entrance and exit of the drying chamber to reduce the heat loss of the drying chamber and improve the thermal efficiency.The top of the chamber body is provided with an anti-condensation dripping device to prevent contamination of the workpiece.


(2.) Heating system

The drying room adopts the indoor far-infrared + electric heating tube mixed heating method. The far-infrared heating device is evenly arranged at the corresponding height of the workpiece on both sides of the room. Copper bars and temperature-resistant wires are used to connect the far-infrared lamps.

(3.) Indoor air duct

The air suction pipe is arranged at the top of the drying room to ensure uniform air supply in the room; the air supply pipe is arranged at the bottom of the drying room and is equipped with adjustable air outlets to adjust the air volume and speed to ensure that the drying room temperature is uniform. The tube is made of 2.5㎜galvanized steel.

drying room of painting production line

(4.) Hot air circulation device

It is placed on the ground and consists of a hot air box, a fan and a duct. In order to reduce heat loss, a 50㎜ thick rock wool insulation layer is laid on the external circulation duct. The circulation fan uses YDW series centrifugal fan.

(5.) Exhaust gas treatment

The exhaust gas treatment adopts catalytic combustion method to treat the organic exhaust gas discharged from the drying chamber. Exhaust emissions from paint drying rooms meet national and local environmental and fire safety requirements.


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Technical specifications for drying room of coating production line

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