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Electrical safety precautions for coating production line


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The electrical safety in the coating production line must meet the overall explosion-proof requirements, that is, motors, electrical appliances, lighting, wiring, switches, connectors, etc. meet explosion-proof safety requirements. It is strictly prohibited to connect temporary electrical wires. In addition, most of the accidents of electrostatic painting are caused by the ungrounded and grounded insulation. The conductive objects in the painting room must be clearly distinguished from high voltage potentials or ground potentials. Except for those who apply high voltages or parts, they must be properly grounded. The safety measures according to the grounding method are: the operator must wear conductive shoes; fully clean the soles; the conductive objects in the painting room must be properly grounded; the solvent tank for cleaning is fixed and indeed grounded; use electrostatic portable spray paint The operator of the gun must operate the paint spray gun with bare hands; the hanger hanging the coated object should be cleaned sufficiently to keep the coated object at the ground potential; the ground in the painting room should always be kept conductive. For painters or paint tanks that may be charged, ground them thoroughly after venting and use them after removing residual charges.

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Main points for the safe use and operation of the coating production line: The high voltage must be turned off at the end of the painting. Before cleaning, confirm the high voltage situation. When conductive paint is used and the paint supply system is insulated from ground, when paint is replenished to the paint tank, the paint tank is grounded first. If using a solvent to clean the part of the insulating material, apply a high voltage after confirming that the solvent is dry; periodically clean the paint dust pollution of the coating machine; do not use a coating machine that will trap solvent vapors to prevent pollution; Dropped high-voltage cables or paint hoses; to prevent electrical discharge, interlock devices are installed in high-voltage equipment. The main points of safety control on the coating machine system and auxiliary equipment are: the installation of necessary interlocking devices; those who need to move in sequence can not operate outside the prescribed sequence; the installation of conveyors, doorways, air exhaust, fire fighting equipment Appropriate interlocking device with the coating machine; set up safety fences or prevent operators from entering the device; use longer hangers to reduce the contact points between the conveyor and the hangers; use automatic cleaning systems; set up automatic fire protection devices.

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In addition, tall buildings should have facilities to prevent direct lightning, and precision electrical equipment and control systems should have facilities to prevent lightning. It is forbidden to install or enter electromagnetic radiation equipment, facilities, tools, and objects prone to electrostatic discharge in the danger zone of fire and explosion. When it is difficult to separate the anti-static grounding and the lightning-proof grounding in an explosion-hazardous place, the grounding resistance value should be selected according to the lightning-proof grounding resistance value.

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