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Equipment composition of water curtain spray booth in automobile coating production line


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We all know that the automobile water curtain spray booth is used for the treatment of exhaust gas (paint mist) in the product spray workshop, which provides a good working environment for automobile production operations. Water curtain spray painting room of automobile coating production line is composed of chamber body, heating air device, exhaust device, lighting device, paint mist processing device, water circulation system and other parts. Next, I will introduce the characteristics and requirements of related equipment one by one, and quickly learn about it!

water curtain spray booth

1. Chamber body:

The room body is composed of an electric telescopic mobile front room and a back room. The room body is made of a main skeleton and flame-retardant PVC cloth, and a lighting device is installed on the top to make the operating area bright and comfortable. The electric retractable moving front room is provided with a fast shutter door to be separated from the car. The material must not contain silicone, and at the same time ensure the seal between the side wall and the ground to prevent dust from entering.

The floor of the room is made of 20mm thick steel plate, and a 20mm thick rubber plate is laid on it (anti-static, wear-resistant, oil-resistant, non-slip).
2. Heating device:

The upper part of the room is provided with a heating device to ensure the operating ambient temperature and baking temperature (a detailed explosion-proof scheme is required).

water curtain spray booth

3. Exhaust device:

Pumpless curtain air exhaust is used at the bottom and rear of the spray booth. The wind speed in the spray booth is 0.5m ∕ s. The exhaust system consists of a steel duct, an explosion-proof centrifugal exhaust fan, a fire damper, a manual air volume adjustment damper, and an exhaust duct. The exhaust fan is arranged outdoors. The fan is an explosion-proof fan. The impeller is easy to remove for maintenance. The exhaust air duct is equipped with a multi-leaf regulating valve. The air valve can be completely closed. The exhaust fan has a rainproof and soundproof room.

Exhaust fan is equipped with fire valve interlocking with automatic fire protection system and blower unit. The exhaust fan housing should be equipped with a purge door and drain pipe and valve, and the accumulated water can be discharged into the sewer. The exhaust fan base is provided with a shock absorber.

water curtain spray booth

4. Water circulation system:

It is composed of circulating pipeline, regulating valve, paint slag filtering device and so on. The water flowing from the spray booth to the circulating water tank is filtered and cleaned by the paint residue filtering device and then recycled. Water curtain system needs anti-freezing design. Routine maintenance must have a detailed human-machine dialogue plan.
5. Lighting device:

Install a lighting device on the top of the room. The indoor illumination of the spray paint is ≥800Lux. The lighting lamp uses externally-removable fluorescent lamps. Δ8.0mm tempered glass is used as a flameproof measure for the light box.
6. Combustible gas concentration alarm system:

A set of flammable gas concentration alarm (one host and two probes) is set in the room. When the flammable gas concentration in the room is too high, an alarm will be issued and the operation of the device will be automatically turned off at the same time to check the device at any time to prevent the use of the device Something unexpected happened.

The above is the relevant content of "Automobile coating production line water curtain spray booth equipment composition". The information is provided by Guangdong Chuangzhi, a 25-year-old coating production line manufacturer.