Chuangzhi Coating Receives Award Of Small And Medium-sized Sci-tech Enterprises For Innovation Technology In 2020


Chuangzhi Coating

We are Attractivechina , a painting line manufacturer, creative advanced, automatic painting lines for wet paint and powder coating. With our more than 25 years of experience , Chuangzhi Coating holds a strong position worldwide in designing, manufacturing and installing painting lines for industrial painting of plastic, metal or wood items, such as automobile decorative parts, cookware, wooden furniture and huge size transport etc. our painting line is designed to operate highly efficiently and reliably for many years. We supply a complete painting line which including all the necessary process zones:

*paint application
*conveyor system
* IT solution


Furthermore, air purification system, sludge handling and full balanced ventilation system with accurate temperature and humidity control can be included. Customized painting lines that meets the client requirements. For us, customer satisfaction is the most important factor. Therefore, experienced engineers and technicians follow the project from first idea to the final handover of the system. This ensure compliance with customer requirements, high quality of the final delivery and reliable information and guidance.
Our constant research & development of new technology processes for continuous performance improvement, the most essential features of our modular coating lines are :designing time optimization, minimization of unforeseen event during the assembly process and optimization of price/quality ratio, without forgetting energy saving and installation of new technologies. In this case of we get a award of small and medium-sized sci-tech enterprises for innovation technology in Guangdong province in 2020.


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