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Reduces Hazardous Air Pollutants In The Wood Furniture Painting Line


Chuangzhi Coating

Our Chuangzhi Coating has a adsorber system in combination with a Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO), which it is a new solution for controlling hazardous air pollutants in the wood furniture painting line. One of the leading wood furniture companies based in China significantly reduced hazardous air released by the painting facility by using our RTO system which with a zeolite disc concentrator. In fact it is a pioneering device that uses a single cohesive system to purify harmful substances. In recent years, we shows our extensive portfolio to support wood furniture painting application to meet up the new environmental regulations regard to exhaust air purification.


Compliance with new regulation
Since the beginning of 2018, a new environmental regulation in China has been mandating all of wood furniture companies to treat the exhaust air generate from painting line. According to the new rule, 20% of the total exhausts air flowrate need to be treated in 2019, and by 2022 the target is to combat a full 100%. The installation of the hazardous air pollutant treatment facility at the wood furniture painting onsite in Guangdong Province took eight months and was successfully completed in December 2018. With our adsorber and RTO system, the wood furniture painting production giant is now able to reduce its air pollutant to a concentration of below 100 ppm. This is a decrease of more than 90% of the air pollutant emissions and is in compliance with the country’s domestic Clean Air Conservation Act.


Energy saver
The anti-pollution control system consists of a filtering system for particulate removal, a disc concentrator system for selectively adsorbing and concentrating volatile organic compounds (VOCs), as well as a RTO combustion system that treats the small volume flow of concentrated hazardous air pollutant. The RTO system provides an energy-saving technology that reduces energy consumption by 95% or more by utilizing recovering heat from a ceramic media mounted inside the RTO. In addition, the consumption of primary energy of the painting line can be drastically reduced if the calorific value and concentration of the VOCs and HAPs is sufficiently high.


Impactful for other industries
The installation of the integrated system is a first of its kind to be built and operated in China wood furniture painting production line . The innovative new system uses a single consistent unit while others use two or more to treat the pollutants. The costs for the product are comparable with other solutions. Our system will favorably impact the wood furniture painting industry along with others in need of clearing painting line pollutants like VOCs and HAPs. The wood furniture giant opted for our appliances due to the group’s market credibility and legacy of similar air purification products. There are two further installations for automobile companies in China have already been ordered from us in the second and third quarters of 2019. Besides China mainland , this abatement system is already enjoying a successful run in India and we will offer its applications to other painting line production industries internationally.


We will showcase its complete portfolio in exhaust air purification for the wood furniture and automobile painting industry as well as the company’s products in painting application at our website or some fair exhibition in the next days.  


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