Spraying Robot, the technology and construction of paint spraying robot


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A spraying robot is a machine—especially one programmable by a computer— capable of carrying out a complex series of paint spraying automatically. Robot is an automatic spray device which has extensively application, and its paint technology has develop rapidly advanced. Paint robots can be guided by an external control device or the control may be embedded within.


The specific construction characteristics of spray robot, different construction of spray robot can effect different working environment, installation methods and painting space. There are two constructions of robotics painting in coating industrial: Serial and Parallel. The parallel spraying robot is a closed loop structure with two or more degrees of freedom and is connected by at least two independent motion chains to the moving platform and the static platform. As one of the most commonly used robot structures in industry, the Serial spraying robot generally imitates the structure and function of human hands and arms. It generally has joints such as waist, arm and wrist, and corresponding actuators are installed at the end.


The technology characteristic of control system with spray robot. The control system as the brain of spray robot, the main factors to influence the function and performance of spray robot. The main task of the control system is to control the motion position, posture, trajectory and movement time of the spraying robot in the working space, etc., which has the advantages of simple programming, software menu operation, good human-computer interaction interface, online operation, easy to learn and so on.


The most difference between spray robot and other spray equipment is the technology advantage, which is the Path planning technology. The path planning technology of the spraying robot can control the position vector, attitude vector and velocity vector of the spraying robot according to the specific painting process requirements of the workpiece shape. At the starting and target points, a working path related to the workpiece spraying requirements and painting process is planned. 


According to the different ways that the spraying robot obtains environmental information, there are mainly model-based path planning, which is mainly applied to the structured environment. The planning methods include raster method, viewable method and topological method. And the path planning based on sensor information, mainly used in unstructured environment, the method has artificial potential field method, determined raster method and fuzzy logic algorithm and other technical methods.


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Spraying Robot, the technology and construction of paint spraying robot

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