Attractivechina and IWATA launch a joint-developed painting robot system


Chuangzhi Coating

Attractivechina and Japanese robot supplier IWATA, both of which are leading manufacturers in the field of production and automation technology, have joined forces: they have jointly developed an integrated automation coating solution application in the form of a compact robot for Used in general industry. The robot comes from Iwata, and we provide painting technology. The robot is pre-installed and ready for spraying, contains fully compatible, tried-and-tested components, and offers a unique combination on the market. It is very suitable for the requirements of general industry. Application areas include painting in the wood, plastic and metal industries.
Mr. Yang, who is in charge of technology development, said: On February 8, 2020, we signed a cooperation agreement with the famous robot supplier IWATA. "General Industry has also seen the growing demand for the highest quality fully automated coating solutions. The new coating robot system in the form of a compact coating robot provides customers in the general industry with a perfect complement to a series of product portfolios. The new solution is a real innovation in this market segment.” Someone said, “Its perfectly matched and tried-and-tested components are a unique selling point. They have been merged and integrated into automated painting solutions and are currently on the market. Unique."
The painting robot system consists of a six-axis robot equipped with the most advanced painting technology. This technique can be used in different configurations. The system and all its different components are completed and pre-commissioned at our factory site. So it can be used at any time ("ready2spray") and can be quickly installed on the customer site. In addition, the new coating system fully supports Industry 4.0. We also use our own painting robots to provide large-scale versions for the general industry. These robots have been tested in the automotive industry for a long time. This is an automated spraying solution for spraying larger workpieces. Therefore, we can meet all the requirements of our customers.
For many years, we have been purchasing industrial robot mechanical systems from domestic and foreign robot suppliers and equipped them with our own applications and robot technology for sealing in automobile production. For painting applications in the automotive industry, we will continue to exclusively provide independently developed and produced robot painting applications, and have achieved good results in this field. 


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