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Let‘s celebrate International Women”s Day for Chuangzhi Beauty


Chuangzhi Coating

Happy Women”s Month! Let”s celebrate our all Chuangzhi beauty women in this upcoming month full with sweety and warmly and take this International Women”s Day to thanks them for hard work.


In the past of 2019 all the Chuangzhi people concentrated their efforts developing with overcome difficulties. No matter for domestic sales of coating equipment, or engineering solution installed in oversea, there are Chuangzhi have been reached successfully annual goal and deliver to a fast development.

Here are the Chuangzhi women role models make a big result with contribution by hard working, passion and fresh talent even in the case of hard time of COVID-19 suffered.
They are the Chuangzhi”s pride with engaging in coating industry with “creating credit, creating quality , creating efficiency, creating pioneering ,creating responsibility”. they are the home makers with empowered souls as well as they are the dignified beings promote Chuangzhi forwarding.


Chuangzhi women inspired us with real strength ,courage and great effort on working. They use collective knowledge ,experience and convening power to push further and help accelerate Chuangzhi development.
They are awesome! They display some special skills, some special talent, some special attitude as well as they convey to Chuangzhi is they are the women who has discovered the exalting realm of responsibility, fully engaged in the coating industry.


Here, we are the Chuangzhi women.


International Women”s Day 


      In this proceeding week of the International Day of Women falling on 8th of March, congratulate and wish each one of Attractivechina women a very Happy International Women's Day 2020.