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Routine maintenance of painting line


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In the daily operation process, the coating production line needs to be maintained, including cleaning, fastening, adjustment, lubrication and anticorrosion. The maintenance of each component of the coating line also has corresponding maintenance manuals and maintenance precautions. The maintenance of each component must be carried out in strict accordance with the prescribed cycle, thereby reducing the wear rate of components, eliminating hidden dangers caused by failures, and extending the service life of machinery . In fact, it is not enough to do the above work well, so what other maintenance items do we need to do during the daily operation?

Routine maintenance of painting line

First of all, for independently operated paint sprayers, we need to carry out routine inspections, focusing on cleaning, lubrication, inspection and tightening. Before, during or after each shift, we need to perform maintenance as required. Of course, this routine maintenance is done independently by the line operator.

Then, for some painting equipment that can be maintained regularly, that is, those that can be maintained according to the maintenance requirements of various mechanical equipment, the corresponding regular maintenance must be performed after reaching the prescribed working hours or the prescribed mileage. Among them, regular maintenance is divided into: first-level maintenance: the main work content is lubrication, fastening and inspection of all relevant parts, and cleaning of the three filters (ie, cleaning of air, oil, fuel filters, etc.). ) Secondary maintenance: focus on inspection and adjustment The specific content is to check the working conditions of the engine, clutch, transmission, transmission mechanism, steering and braking mechanism, working device, hydraulic system and electrical system. And make the necessary adjustments to eliminate found faults and ensure good performance of all mechanical components and parts. Three levels of maintenance: The key is to detect, adjust, and eliminate hidden dangers, and to balance the degree of wear and tear of various components. Perform diagnostic checks and condition tests on parts that affect performance and parts that show signs of failure, and then complete necessary replacements, adjustments, and troubleshooting.

Routine maintenance of painting line

There is also a special maintenance, which is a very important link. We must remember that new coating equipment or overhauled coating lines must be maintained during break-in. When the machine is used in the specified running-in period, it should gradually increase the load and speed according to the corresponding regulations, comprehensively check the lubrication and tightening conditions, observe the situation of each part of the machine, and find out that the abnormality is resolved in time. The focus of running-in maintenance is to replace the lubricating oil of each part, lubricate each part, and tighten each bolt. After the break-in phase is over, secondary maintenance is performed.

Painting equipment should be maintained annually before summer or winter. The focus is on the combustion system, hydraulic system, cooling system, and starting system. According to the actual situation, the following tasks should be done: replace fuel and hydraulic oil, adjust the relative density of battery electrolyte, take measures to prevent cold or cool, and clean the cooling system.

Routine maintenance of painting line

The above is the relevant content of "Daily Maintenance of Painting Line". The information is provided by Guangdong Chuangzhi, a 25-year painting production line manufacturer. For more information about painting production lines, please follow us for updates!