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Safety precautions for coating production line equipment


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The design of coating equipment shall meet the general safety requirements of the country and the professional safety requirements of safety regulations for painting operations. Painting equipment should have the following technical information: instruction manual (including safety instructions); complete product nameplate (name, model, main parameters, manufacturer name and address, manufacturing time).

coating production line equipment

Spraying equipment and other mobile electrical equipment should be equipped with dust covers, and their power cables should be supported by brackets; lay loose to prevent the insulation protection layer from abrasion and the connection port from loosening. The lighting equipment and switches used in the powder coating work area must meet explosion-proof and dust-proof requirements. It must be tested regularly to check the electrical interlocking system between the power source and the powder supply system and the ventilator. Equipment conductors located in the coating operation area, including the transmission chain, powder spray booth, air duct, and recovery devices, must be firmly grounded to prevent electric charges that can generate arc discharge from accumulating on the electrically insulated conductors near the ground to the electrostatic spray gun.
Strictly carry out routine inspections of pipes, pumps and valves in the pre-treatment equipment system, set pressure reducing valves and shut-off valves on the steam pipeline in sections, and monitor the heaters, heat exchangers and steam pipelines for overpressure. The curing furnace must be provided with air circulation loops or exhaust pipes to prevent the accumulation of irritating volatile atmospheres or flammable gases during long-term operation. Fuel, gas-type drying and curing equipment should be regularly inspected for pipes, pumps, and valves, and leakage is strictly prohibited. The coating pre-treatment section involves mechanical pre-treatment such as shot blasting, power tool grinding and high-pressure water cleaning, chemical pre-treatment such as degreasing, pickling, neutralization, surface conditioning, phosphating, passivation, cleaning, and organic solvents. Processing, depainting of workpieces, etc. The process equipment involved in the pre-painting treatment section shall meet the requirements. Except for extra large workpieces, the spraying process of any kind of paint should be carried out in the spray paint (powder) room. The ventilation of the spray paint (powder) room should be organized airflow, and the ventilation volume must meet the requirements of explosion-proof safety and industrial hygiene at the same time. All kinds of spraying equipment, spraying equipment and auxiliary equipment entering the spraying (powder) room shall comply with the safety technical conditions for use in hazardous areas with explosive gas environment.

coating production line equipment

The workshops specially set up for painting operations or the spaces designated for burning may be classified as mildly dangerous areas, but all naked flames must be prohibited to prevent the entry of foreign fires. The coating engineering design shall meet the requirements of the relevant fire resistance level and the explosion-proof and safe evacuation of the factory building. The building structure, components and materials should be selected according to fire and explosion protection requirements; the minimum width of the evacuation door should not be less than 0.8m, and it should be opened in the direction of evacuation; the clear width of the evacuation aisle should not be less than 1.4m; the evacuation facilities should be equipped with emergency lighting and safe evacuation Sign. The coating operation site should correctly arrange the process route, starting from design elements that are conducive to safety, sanitation, fire protection, energy saving, environmental protection, etc., take necessary partitions and isolation facilities, and pay attention to fire separation and fire separation. Before entering the fire danger zone, the fire extinguishing valve shall be installed in the centralized air-conditioning arrangement pipeline of the painting work place.

Use the spray gun with excellent performance. Both the safe low-voltage gun and the circuit feedback technology should be set up with constant current source output control. When the spray gun electrode is close to the grounded workpiece, the high-voltage generator can reduce the output voltage correspondingly, and it can be automatically cut off when the short circuit with the ground is turned off. Choose reasonable process parameters and perform electrostatic spraying with low pressure and low voltage as much as possible, and the voltage output is 30 ~ 70kV.

coating production line equipment

The ventilation volume of the spray booth must be adjusted according to the opening section to ensure that no powder escape occurs at the opening of the spray booth. At the same time, the total recovered air volume during the spraying process should ensure that the concentration of the oversprayed powder is at its lower explosive limit. The recovery and purification device connected to the powder spray cabin shall be provided with a fast pressure relief port facing the outdoor space to prevent the occurrence of a fire and explosion accident. A mesh grille or a magnetic separation device should be installed at the entrance of the high-speed dust collection duct in the powder spraying cabin to prevent metal or hard objects from entering the duct and causing friction and collision to generate sparks. A powder cleaning mechanism shall be provided in the powder spraying chamber, and continuous powder cleaning is preferred to keep no powder deposited in the tank. The wind speed at the recovery duct, cross-pipe, elbow, etc. used for powder suction must be large enough (≥15m / s) to ensure that there is no powder accumulation in the pipe, and prevent secondary destructive secondary damage caused by dust explosion in the spraying space. explosion. A flame detector and a linked fire extinguishing device are used in the powder spraying compartment, and a blocking valve on a communication duct between the powder spraying compartment and the recovery device is provided.

Regularly inspect and correct the hanger to prevent transmission chain hanging accidents due to loose hooks, skews, and other failures; also prevent the suspension rack from swinging and falling to cause collision sparks and insufficient distance between the electrodes of the electrostatic circuit to cause critical discharge or short-circuit discharge. phenomenon.

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