Standard Follow-Service Of Coating Equipment Manufacturer


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       When a series of coating machinery and equipment set up and commission completely and then a whole surface coating solution achieved finally , what kind of follow service  the customers will be obtained ? For example .


1.Specification of coating equipment maintenance period & User guarantee

The free maintenance of coating equipment calculated since launch into operation and get a approval by inspection. In the condition of payment settlement on time , the maintenance period of coating equipment is one year or total 30000 hours guarantee, same application as electrical part. It is reminder all of coating equipment should be free charge during the guarantee period.


2.On call service of after sales

In General the coating equipment manufacturer serve a 24-hour follow-up service hot line as well as a maintenance expert with a door to door service once get a emergency out of order from customer. Its ensure plant produce under a normal and smooth production condition.


3.Fittings with a sufficient storage system & A capable of supply ability

The coating equipment manufacturer should assure the a sufficient of fittings supply to meet customers” requirement. In a special and emergency condition, the coating equipment manufacturer is responsible for rent own spare parts to customer to ensure production go ahead until purchase a new one to replace.


4.Technical training

It is necessary support a series of training education arrangement of operation and maintenance with one week to customers” workers. The training education with related documents with English version such as daily and regular maintenance as well as standard operation process.In addition to introduce a course material of operation instruction of coating line its function training customers” own staff how to operate. 


It is essential all the workers knowledge the operation procedure and familiar with various devices and skilled of facilities after obtain the training.Last but not least, the target of training education is relevant personnel have a comprehensive understanding of how to solve the difficulties during production, learn the operation of a variety of device with temperature control and a comprehensive understanding of the performance of the equipment, to ensure that operators following procedures to conduct the safety production.


5.Field training
      The coating equipment manufacturer willing to share the coating process and technology with customer once confirmed the training education place and time by mutual agreement.

follow up service of coating industry

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Standard Follow-Service Of Coating Equipment Manufacturer

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