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Precautions for daily operation of coating production line


Chuangzhi Coating

The coating production line is a complex system engineering. In the daily operation process, it is necessary to follow the standardized operating procedures and perform effective maintenance on a regular basis to reduce the probability of failure of the coating production line and allow production to proceed smoothly. To this end, I have compiled for you the matters needing attention in the daily operation of the coating production line, and quickly look down!

coating production line

(1.) The first thing to pay attention to is whether the mounting of the workpiece to be sprayed on the production line is normal. You can test dip the workpiece first, and use this design hanger and the way of mounting the workpiece on the production line to ensure that the object is in the best state when spraying. The maximum plane of the workpiece to be sprayed should be kept perpendicular to the ground as much as possible, and the other sprayed surfaces should be kept at an angle of about 30 ° with the ground, so that the other sprayed surfaces can be sprayed more smoothly.
(2.) The coating production line should pay attention to the mounting and hanging of the coated objects. The dip test is used to design the mounting method of the hanger and the object on the coating production line in advance to ensure that the workpiece is in the best position during dip coating. The maximum plane of the object to be coated should be close to vertical, and the other planes should be at an angle of 10 ° -40 ° to the horizontal, so that the painted surface of the remaining paint can flow more smoothly.
(3.) When the dip coating operation is performed on the coating production line, the thickness of the paint film above and below is sometimes different, especially the accumulation of hypertrophy on the lower edge of the coating. In order to improve the decorativeness of the coating, excess paint drops are manually removed with a brush during dip coating in small batches, and these paint drops can also be removed with centrifugal or electrostatic attraction equipment.

coating production line

(4.) When coating on the coating production line, in order to prevent the solvent from spreading in the workshop and dust from falling into the paint tank, the paint dip tank should be protected.
After the large objects are dip-coated on the coating production line, they should be sent to the drying room after the solvent has basically evaporated.
(5.) When the coating production line is operating normally, the viscosity of the coating should be measured at any time. In most cases, the viscosity is measured about 2-3 times per shift. If the viscosity increases by more than ten percent of the original viscosity, this time Need to stop spraying and add solvent in time. After the stirring is uniform and the viscosity is determined again, the production spraying can be continued.
(6.) The thickness of the paint film is mainly determined by the rate of lifting of objects on the coating production line and the viscosity of the paint liquid. After controlling the viscosity of the paint liquid according to the above requirements, the coating production line should be based on the maximum speed of about 30um of the paint film, and according to different equipment, experimentally determine the appropriate lifting rate. Lift the coated object evenly at this rate. Fast lifting rate, thin paint film; slow lifting rate, thick and uneven paint film.

coating production line

(7.) When dip-coating wooden parts on the coating production line, pay attention that the time should not be too long, so as to prevent the wood from inhaling too much paint, resulting in slow drying and waste.
(8.) Pay attention to the determination of the viscosity of the coating when painting. The viscosity should be measured 1-2 times per shift. If the viscosity increases by more than 10% of the original viscosity, the solvent should be added in time. When adding solvents, dip coating should be stopped. After stirring well, measure the viscosity before continuing the operation.
(9.) Strengthen ventilation equipment to prevent the danger of solvent vapor; pay attention to the arrangement of fire prevention measures and regularly check the coating production line.

The above is the relevant content of "Fire prevention and explosion protection measures for coating production lines". The information was provided by Guangdong Chuangzhi, a 25-year-old coating production line manufacturer.