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What is coating?


Chuangzhi Coating

Coating is a process of film formation by drying technology after the coating material(paint or powder) spread on the surface of substance completely, also we called as “coating paint or “baking paint”. This film after curing process we called coating film (or paint film) or coating layer.

There are numbers of function by coating produce such as protective, helpful protect the article avoid erosion and anti corrosion occur, a decorative function, make the surface more gloss ,evenly , create a stereoscopy and colorful appearance . In addition, coating can adjust conductivity of heating and electricity energy, prevent the microbe adhesive ,limit the sound waves emission, reflection and absorption. Coating present a positive effect in human physical can bring beauty sight as well as advantage to natural environment. A complete coating production line majority consist of 7 parts including preprocess, powder coating system, painting system, drying furnace, heating system ,electrical control and conveyor transport.

In recent years ,a fast and revolutionizing development of China coating technology appear such as high level automation , a big promotion of electrostatic spray and powder spray etc. They are special in application of electrical appliance, hardware ,furniture ,aluminum and automotive industry. Especially the automatic robot generate and applicate in paining line is a huge progress in manufacturing industry. Below is robot system appear in a automotive manufacturer supported by Chuangzhi Coating.

The painting robot is part of our ready to integrate concept. The concept centers on technologically sophisticated and tested application solutions that are easy to integrate into individually designed plants. With the development of automation and a wide range application in coating system, the coating equipment manufacturer should select the corrected system partners ,enjoy extremely close proximity to customers, familiar with their requirements, and act with an extremely high level of flexibility to take over the market by strong competitiveness.


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