Fireproof and explosion-proof measures for coating production line


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During the operation of the coating production line, because employees of most companies have little knowledge of safety, fire protection and explosion protection such as paint, gas, natural gas, etc., so that fire accidents, explosions and other safety accidents occur from time to time, which not only exposes the company itself to economic losses , And bring great health hazards to employees, and even life-threatening. For this reason, fire protection and explosion protection measures for coating production lines are urgent!

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1.General fire prevention measures
(1) Painting workers must undergo education and training on fire safety knowledge and pass the examination before they can engage in production operations.

(2) It is necessary for the painting workshop to establish strict safety operation rules and fire prevention systems, and to check the implementation at any time without paralysis.

(3) It is forbidden to smoke and to carry lighters, matches and other igniting materials in the painting construction sites.

(4) When the painting workshop needs to be repaired and welded by fire, it is necessary to go through the procedure of fire approval first, and the painting operation should be suspended after agreement. Before starting a fire, the paint scale and various combustible substances within 30 meters of the work site should be cleaned. Paint buckets and paint tanks should be covered and sealed. The concentration of organic solvent vapor in the air must not exceed the 1/3 of the lower limit of blasting to prevent Fire caused by a fire.

(5) It is necessary to install strong ventilation equipment in the spraying workshop, and natural ventilation conditions are better. In addition to the partial ventilation, paint mixing room, paint spraying room and drying room should be measured at any time to prevent reaching the risk limit. If there is a risk of fire, turn off the ventilation immediately.

(6) Except for the materials that are directly required for production, the painting workshop shall not accumulate a large amount of flammable and combustible materials to avoid causing fire.

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2. Fire prevention measures for electrical equipment
(1) It is necessary to have the equipment or maintenance performed by a full-time electrician for the electrical equipment in the painting work place. And when the equipment is overhauling electrical equipment, the spraying operation should be suspended, and flammable materials such as paint and thin materials should be moved to a safe place, covered with non-combustible materials to avoid fire caused by electrical sparks.

(2) The electrical equipment and lighting equipment in the painting workshop must be explosion-proof. For example, if the ventilator uses explosion-proof motors, the fan impeller should be non-ferrous metal to avoid fire caused by sparks caused by bumps on ferrous metals. It is necessary to use explosion-proof lamps for lighting.

(3) All painting equipment, such as painting cabinets, induced draft fans, spray guns, conveyor chains, etc., should be equipped with electrostatic grounding equipment, and its grounding resistance should not be greater than 10 ohms. All kinds of power transmission knives, switchboards, circuit breakers, etc., the best equipment is outdoor and safe address.

(4) In electrostatic spray paint, in order to ensure fire safety, the voltage must not be higher than 80,000 volts, and the distance between the spray gun or the spray disc and the steel barrel must not be less than 250 mm. Cause a fire.

3. Fire prevention measures for drying furnaces
(1) It is forbidden to use electric heating elements with exposed resistance wires, and use steam, hot air, far-infrared electric heating elements for drying. If the infrared lamp is used for drying, the infrared lamp should be fixed in the niche, and a glass cover should be used for protection outside. To prevent electric leakage and fire.

(2) When baking steel drums in a drying furnace, it is necessary to turn on a ventilator so that solvent vapors do not accumulate in the furnace and reach the blasting limit concentration. If there is no ventilation equipment in the drying furnace, the cooling time outside the furnace can be extended to make the solvent fully volatilized.

(3) For longer active drying furnaces, ventilation pipes shall be installed on the top, and explosion-proof doors shall be installed at appropriate positions. For the purpose of providing relief from the pressure, it is also conducive to timely cleaning up the furnace.

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4. Fire storage measures for paint storage
(1) Paint and solvents should be stored in a dry, cool, ventilated, heat-insulated, and direct sunlight-free warehouse. The refractory level of the warehouse should be one or two, and should not be mixed with ordinary materials.

(2) No open fire or smoking is allowed within 30 meters of the storage warehouse, and the sign "No fireworks" shall be posted.

(3) It is necessary to set up wooden racks in the storage room, and paint buckets are placed on the wooden racks to ensure stability. It is forbidden to bump up paint buckets and cause fire due to sparks.

(4) When putting paint into storage, it should be handled lightly. Manual stacking should not exceed 1.8 meters. Mechanical stacking can be appropriately higher. Avoid accidents caused by stacking.

5.Fire-fighting measures
(1) Painting workshops, paint mixing rooms, drying furnaces, warehouses, etc., must be equipped with a sufficient amount of foam, dry powder and other rescue devices, dry sand and asbestos boards. Rescue devices should be arranged according to the principle of combining dispersal and concentration. Managers should know fire prevention knowledge, rescue knowledge, and be able to use rescue equipments skillfully. The life-saving device should be checked frequently, and the medicine should be changed regularly.

(2) Every painter should keep in mind the risk of paint being flammable and explosive, and have a certain knowledge of fire prevention and rescue, and will be skilled in using rescuers and simple fire fighting equipment. Once a fire occurs, the iron doors of the nearby workshops should be closed immediately, and the power of various equipment should be cut off, and the fire should be extinguished immediately. If necessary, the relevant departments should be reported to the police first for cooperation and rescue.


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Fireproof and explosion-proof measures for coating production line

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