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The characteristics advantages of Robotics&Automated Sparying


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The advanced technology spraying robot adopts the flexible wrist can bend to each direction already, and rotation, its function resembles the wrist of the person be able to extend through lesser hole easily into workpiece interior, spray its inside surface. Hydraulic technical spraying robot has the characteristics with high speed, good explosion-proof performance. The main application of spray robot is automotive industrial, which has the advantages of:
1.Compared with other automatic spray equipment, spray robot has more flexible can spray good paint film on large and complex workpieces such as automobiles and auto parts surface and without manual repair. In the specific spraying process, the spraying robot can flexibly spray the inside and outside of the Automotive and its fitting, also can coating production a variety of models mixed line production such as cars, station wagons, pickup trucks and other car body mixed line.
2.Spray robot with computerized control system for spray production, has accurately tracing track of spraying when spray automotive, can greatly improve the uniformity of automobile coating and appearance quality, and reduce the amount of excessive spraying and cleaning solvent and coating waste, improve the material utilization rate to save the cost of coating, avoid the environmental pollution caused by abandoned coating. And the coating quality of traditional manual spraying is not only less stable than that of robot spraying, but also may cause coating waste and environmental pollution.
3.Spray robot also has easy operation and less maintenance, remote programming, greatly reduce the time of field debugging. In addition, the spraying robot also has a pluggable structure and modular design, which can quickly install and replace components, greatly reducing the maintenance time. Equipped with other non-standard customized automatic coating equipment, the utilization rate of spraying robot can reach 90% to 95% with a very high utilization rate.
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