Key Points For Electrical System Installation


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There are a series of regulation and rules should be obeyed when conduct the installation of electrical system in coating engineering . What are they? Are they important ?The answer is absolutely………..

electrical system of coating industry

The installation of electrical system should be complied with safety regulation. Not acceptable any illegal and uncorrected operation. Such as the switchgear and circuit of IT cabinet installed should be based on the reasonable and practicably design. Various of electrical unit should go through the qualify test before launch. For electrical circuit and related components, which the metal shell without power should be connected ground reliability. It is not allowed replacement by other wires.

A important point of consideration is all electrical parts should be easily repair, assemble and dismantle. Dust remove on the contactor, connecting terminal and binding post should be done before conduct the installation of contactor and relays.The motor and the pump test individually and some parts cannot reverse should be switched into a corrected direction before launch into installation.

Not acceptable any loose in connection place its should be solid and reliable and with a good connection performance. Wire connection terminal and cooper wire should be installed properly without any damage to the conductive cross-section.

The connection of cables and electrical wiring should be compliance with the technical standard. It is essential appear a nice appearance with a safety instruction. The post is our Chuangzhi Coating electrical dept carry out the inspection work seriously at the end of installation.


The component of temperature control system should be positioned correctly, and the thermocouple ends should keep a certain distance from the surface of heating parts. It is not allow closely the surface of heating resource to protect the accuracy of measurement.

The concept of design of indication signal and lock alarm must base on function requirement.

The component of instrument and panel device should be compliance with process requirement. Not acceptable inclined appearance or other negative effect when the installation completed.

It is not acceptable wires and cables without any protective cover spread in the workplace. Watch more videos

Key Points For Electrical System Installation

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