Summary of several water pumps commonly used in coating pretreatment electrophoresis production line


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The main types of water pumps used in the coating production line are: horizontal centrifugal pumps, vertical submersible pumps, horizontal direct-coupled pumps, pipeline pumps, vertical multi-stage pumps, metering pumps, pneumatic diaphragm pumps, etc. I will detail the performance and range of various pumps. 

1. Horizontal centrifugal pump

The horizontal centrifugal pump has stable performance, complete specifications, and convenient installation and maintenance. It is the leading type of pump on pretreatment equipment. The flow of a single pump is generally within 400m3 / h, and the commonly used flow range is 30-300m3 / h; the head range is generally between 16-50m, and the 20-32m head range is used more; the speed is generally selected at 1450rpm (that is, the 4-level motor). 


Materials are generally: carbon steel (internal component SUS304) after degreasing and degreasing, surface adjustment, water washing and passivation SUS304 after phosphating, and phosphating SUS316. The phosphating process generally uses a double mechanical seal, and other processes generally use a single mechanical seal.

2. Vertical submersible pump

Compared with the horizontal centrifugal pump, the vertical submersible pump can be installed on the tank body, which can reduce the floor area and has good leakage prevention performance, but the investment is relatively high and the maintenance is not convenient. It is mainly used in full-spray pre-treatment equipment for some small workpieces, such as motorcycles, home appliances, and automobile parts. The flow is generally within 200m3 / h, and the head should not be too high, generally within 20m, in order to prevent water and small workpieces from falling during the process. 


Due to the leak-proof characteristics of vertical submersible pumps and the size of the spray tank, the speed is usually 2900rpm (that is, a 2-stage motor is required). At the same time, the speed of the pump at 2900rpm is smaller than that of 1450rpm, so it can reduce costs. However, it is still appropriate to choose a speed of 1450 rpm for occasions with a large amount of particles. The material of the pump: the steel pretreatment line, the material of the vertical submersible pump is basically the same as that of the horizontal centrifugal pump; the plastic pretreatment line, the material of the pump is all SUS304.

3. Horizontal direct-coupled pump

The horizontal direct pump is simple in structure and low in cost. Compared with the standard horizontal centrifugal pump, the coupling between the motor and the pump body is mainly eliminated, and the length of the pump is shortened. It is mainly used for chemical rehydration, oil-water separation, and clear liquid delivery systems that require a compact structure. The use flow range is mainly within 5m3 / h, and the materials are SUS304 or SUS316.

4. Pipeline centrifugal pump (referred to as pipeline pump)

The pipeline centrifugal pump has a vertical structure with the same inlet and outlet diameters and is located on the same center line. It can be installed on the pipeline like a valve, with a compact shape, a small footprint, and low cost investment. In the pretreatment equipment, the pump is mainly used for the first-stage heat exchange in the phosphating heating system, and is used for the hot water circulation pipeline, and at the same time facilitates the layout of the pipeline. 


The flow rate is generally within 200m3 / h, and the material is carbon steel. It can also be used for small pieces of pre-treatment equipment. When the space is tight, as a pump for the heating cycle of each process, the flow rate is generally within 100m3 / h, and the material is carbon steel and stainless steel, depending on the acidity and alkalinity of the medium in each process.

5. Vertical multistage pump

The vertical multi-stage pump is characterized by small flow and high lift, small footprint, beautiful appearance, and convenient layout and compact pipe cutting during design. The pre-treatment equipment is mainly used for the shaft seal pipeline system, and provides external flushing water to some pumps with double mechanical seals to ensure the safety of the double mechanical seals. The shaft seal water required for each double mechanical seal pump is generally 200-300l / h. 


The flow of the shaft seal pump can be determined according to the number of double mechanical seal pumps. The head of the shaft seal pump should be greater than the maximum head of the double mechanical dense pump to ensure the cleaning, cooling and lubrication of the double mechanical dense end face. The material is selected as SUS304. Shaft seal pumps are generally selected in parallel at the same time, one for each, to ensure continuous transmission of shaft seal water.

6. Metering pump

Metering pumps are mainly used for continuous quantitative replenishment of pretreatment chemicals. They are divided into plunger metering pumps and diaphragm metering pumps. Due to the good operating characteristics, convenient maintenance and low cost of diaphragm metering pumps, the many. The flow rate of the metering pump is generally selected within 300 l / h, which can be determined according to the consumption of medicines.

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7. Pneumatic diaphragm pump

Pneumatic diaphragm pump can be used for conveying medium with high viscosity or containing solid particles, dry suction, runaway, dry rotation, strong self-priming ability. No electric control is needed, only the air source needs to be controlled, and three pneumatic elements are equipped to adjust the flow and pressure. Can be used in different places, can also be made into a mobile pump truck. It is mainly used for the addition and transfer of chemicals, but also for the transfer of residual liquid, and the transfer of phosphating slag. The material can be PVC, SUS304 or SUS316 stainless steel.


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Summary of several water pumps commonly used in coating pretreatment electrophoresis production line

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