The Benefits Of Drying & Curing Chamber In Painting Line


Chuangzhi Coating

Base on a recently big trend of production capacity increasing and a higher surface polishing requirement by client, a high efficiency drying & curing solution is an essential process and significant part for a painting line. The design of drying & curing chamber have a big effect for processing product and invest cost. Here present several parts of detailed description for drying & curing chamber application in spray coating line.

The drying chamber divide into water drying, paint drying, putty drying , electrophoresis drying and powder curing base on its function in the painting industry. The water drying just as its name implies, drying off the water from the surface of substance. There are a number of water left on the surface of substance after pretreatment or water washing. A necessary process is should be drying the product through before go to the painting line. As we know, the boiling point of water is 100℃ and when heating up to this temperature the water can be removed from product surface. However, our design solution of drying chamber is setting up 60-80℃ and adding a huge ventilator to ensure steam exhaust promptly.

The paint film drying means drying the coating which attach on the product surface ,it’s a switch process from a liquid coating become into a solid coating in the painting line. The non-volatile component of coating will left on product, contrary the volatile parts will release into air and will be processed in the waste air device by fan. The powder curing chamber and electrophoresis drying room need a higher temperature to running and also know as industrial oven. It is unavailable drying into a film for hot solid powder and electrophoresis coating under a environmental temperature. Achieve a stable coating should be heating under a certain condition with above 180℃ and keep preserve heating up to 30mins.

The drying chamber divide into direct type, bridge type and π type based on its structure in the painting line design. The direct type drying chamber is a simple design, the product conveyor by one kind grounding trolley or by hanging method during the painting line concept. Both end of chamber equip with a big gate or one set wind curtain to avoid heating overflow. It is suitable for a lower temperature drying production condition. The Bridge and π type drying chamber with a common working principle, the drying section designed on the top of oven and with a opening at the bottom. The product climb moving to the top drying place by the conveyor system. It is a energy efficient solution based on hot air density lighter than cool air to reduce heating overflow. It is ideal system suitable to higher temperature working situation.


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