MES And Analytics By Chuangzhi Coating – Synchronicity & Networking In Painting Line Engineering


Chuangzhi Coating

By adding IIoT-technologies to the existing unique combination of plant engineering and MES, Chuangzhi Coating enhances its software portfolio with intelligent analytics functionalities. We will be presenting the new digital solutions in our tailor painting line for meet up our customers” requirements.


As an expert in plant and mechanical engineering, Chuangzhi Coating has extensive expertise in the functionality and behavior of plants and machines. We has already been providing tailored software solutions application in the automotive, non stick cooker and wooden furniture painting line construction for many years. The synergies between MES and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) are considered throughout each phase of the service lifecycle, including design and development.


Through a central digital factory, these synergies are enhanced across software solutions to create a single solution for our customers. Chuangzhi Coating enables a centralized end-to-end material flow control through an intelligent collaboration between sequencing and storage control. Calculating the optimal production sequence in real time using Advanced Planning and Scheduling results in a continuous adaptation of the production sequence according to the actual conditions. These calculations are then implemented by means of a rule-based storage control system. The integration of automated painting line will offer additional flexibility and space-saving layouts in comparison with traditional design concepts.


The established plant for painting line construction maintenance and servicing methods are struggling to keep up with the increased requirements in terms of availability and quality. The solution can be found in the data that is already being generated by a majority of equipment and robots. Our technology is an intelligent solution for monitoring maintenance activities and guided servicing. Current maintenance tasks are generated by means of static and dynamic maintenance intervals. In the future, maintenance activities will be further optimized by messages and forecasts automatically generated with the help of our analytics software.


Chuangzhi Coating digital service solutions will open up new doors in the control, management, and analysis of painting line plants and production data.


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