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What should I do if body particles appear in the trial production of the electrophoresis process of the automobile coating production line?


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During the design and commissioning of the automotive coating production line, it was found that the vehicle passing car had particles and particle-shaped shrinkage holes during the first commissioning of the electrophoresis trial production. After on-site follow-up investigation, most of the particles are caused by dust on the sliding skis entering the drying room. After cleaning the sliding skis and brackets entering the drying room, the problem of body particles has been improved significantly, but there are still a small amount of particles in the follow-up. Conduct related investigations and improvements.
1. What are the reasons for the appearance of body particles in the trial production of the electrophoresis process of the automobile coating production line?

automobile coating production line
Due to the poor environment of the entire workshop of the automobile coating production line in the initial stage of production, some areas are still under construction, which seriously affects the electrophoresis environment. 100% of all models of the passing cars have different degrees of particle defects. The vertical and horizontal surfaces of the vehicle body are present. The particles are mainly concentrated on the horizontal surface such as the engine hood and the roof and along the waistline under the windows. The particles are like filaments, which are tactile to the touch. The number of each car varies from 5 to 15 per 100 square centimeters. This affects the appearance and anti-corrosion performance of the paint film on the car body. It needs to be polished or polished over the entire surface. .
Through the investigation of the automobile coating production line section by section, to find out the source of particles, after two rounds of investigation, the source of the body particles can basically be determined. According to the survey, very few particles come from the electrophoresis section, and most of them come from the electrophoresis oven. After on-site investigation and analysis of the particle shape, the particles are mainly iron filings and welding slag.

automobile coating production line
2. What measures should be taken after car body particles appear in the trial production of the electrophoresis process of the automobile coating production line?
According to the investigation results, the source location of the particles is dust-removed, and the dust in the electrophoresis drying room of the automobile coating production line is removed by the form of a vacuum car passing the electrophoresis drying room. The drying room, the white parts, and the skid are processed successively, and then the quality of the passing car is tracked to confirm the dust removal effect. In order to reduce paint film particles, it is necessary to comprehensively prepare for process commissioning, strengthen the control of the equipment construction process, thoroughly clean the automobile coating production line before commissioning, and continuously improve and perfect the on-site equipment and process. For products with a lot of slag particles in the body cavity, the pre-treatment process design should ensure the effect of the flood washing process, and the spray effect test can also be done before the vehicle crosses the line.