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The correct installation steps and precautions for the water curtain spray booth!


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In the installation process of the furniture spraying production line, there is a very important link, that is, the installation of the water curtain spray booth, the good and bad installation will determine the daily maintenance of the subsequent water curtain spray booth, and even determine the life of the spray booth. Next, I will introduce you to the correct installation steps of the curtain spray booth and what you need to pay attention to!

furniture spraying production line

1. The correct installation steps for the water curtain spray booth:

(1.) The water curtain spray booth should be installed on the leveling ground. The horizontal error of the left and right ends of the tank should be adjusted within ±2mm, and the horizontal error should be adjusted within ±5mm.


(2.) Add clean water 170mm (upline position) to the sink.


(3.) Power supply system: The power supply system adopts three-phase four-wire system. The power supply equipment casing should be connected to the power supply system and grounded repeatedly. The grounding resistance is less than 10Ω.


(4.) Turn on the water pump (note the direction of rotation) to adjust the flow rate, and fine-tune the water curtain plate to form a uniform water curtain. If the water curtain cannot form a uniform water film, the water curtain plate can be scrubbed with washing powder to remove the grease on the surface of the water curtain plate.


(5.) In order to prevent the paint liquid from adhering to the side plate of the spray chamber and it is difficult to clean after solidification, apply a small amount of butter on the side plate and stick a plastic film to facilitate cleaning in the future.


(6.) Turn on the fan (note the direction of rotation) and spray when the workpiece travels to the middle of the spray chamber.

water curtain spray booth

2, water curtain spray booth installation of water curtain cabinet operation notes:

(1.) Before starting the furniture spray booth, the curtain should be opened for 10-15 minutes, and then the curtain should be opened after the curtain is wet. It is forbidden to open the fan first, then open the water curtain, and do not open the water curtain fan at the same time. The purpose of this operation is to avoid the phenomenon of "flying water" before the water forms a water film on the wet curtain.


(2.) During the operation of the water curtain cabinet, the site shall be used and managed in accordance with the safety technical specifications. The handling of various conditions shall be carried out in accordance with the requirements of the safety data sheet, and the ventilation conditions in the working environment shall be observed at all times to ensure smooth flow. Whether the electrical equipment is in normal operation, if there is an abnormal situation, stop the operation immediately and turn off the power.


(3.) The curtain cabinet spray booth should check the ventilation of the working environment before operation, whether the ventilation is normal or abnormal. Check if the electrical circuit in the working environment is normal. If there is an abnormality, you need to eliminate the abnormality before starting work, and use labor protection products before work.


(4.) When shutting down, first close the water curtain for 10-30 minutes, then turn off the fan. It is forbidden to turn off the fan first, then close the water curtain, and do not close the water curtain fan at the same time. The purpose of this operation is to let the water curtain fan drain the residual moisture on the wet curtain, try to keep the dryness of the wet curtain in the non-working state, which is not conducive to the growth of algae and moss, so as to avoid clogging the water pump, the filter and the water distribution pipe. To extend the life of the curtain cabinet.


    The above is about the correct installation steps and precautions for the water curtain spray booth!  related content, then I will introduce you to the daily maintenance experience of the spray booth, welcome everyone to pay attention to us to get updated information! Watch more videos

The correct installation steps and precautions for the water curtain spray booth!

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