What should I do if the coating on the non-stick pan is off?


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The advent of the "non-stick pan" has brought great convenience to people's lives. People no longer need to worry that the meat will be burnt accidentally when cooking, and the fish fillets will stick to the wall of the pan when frying. However, while the performance of organic non-stick coatings is strong, they are really not that wear-resistant. As the use time of non-stick cookware is prolonged, the coating will be more or less damaged, and even peel off. So, what should I do if the coating of the non-stick pan has fallen off?

If the coating of the non-stick pan at home has fallen off, if you don't care so much about whether the cooking will stick to the pan, then you can continue to use it. But don't add cold water when the pot is hot, as this will cause the remaining coating to fall off instantly.
If the coating of the non-stick pan is not severely peeled off, it can still be used. However, do not use force to shovel the coating on the bottom of the pan the next time you cook, it will accelerate the fall.
If the coating of the non-stick pan falls off in a large amount, in this case, we can take a steel wire ball and wipe off the peeled off section of the coating. Wipe it with baking soda powder and sponge several times to remove all the sections of the coating. Clean up. Even if these coating substances are eaten into the stomach, they will not affect health and can be discharged normally, but it is best to remove them.

Basically, as long as the following points are achieved, the service life of non-stick pans can be extended to a large extent:
1. Do not overheat non-stick cookware under abnormal conditions;
2. Try to use wooden or synthetic spatulas when frying to avoid scratching the inner wall of the pan;
3. Don't rinse with cold water immediately after using non-stick cookware;
4. When washing non-stick cookware, try to wipe it with a soft cloth strip, and avoid using a hard steel ball to scrub the inner wall of the cookware.
We don't want the coating to fall, so we need to pay attention to the usual way of use. Only the correct way of use can better protect the coating of the non-stick pan, increase the service life of the non-stick pan, and prevent the coating from falling off prematurely.


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