What Is Non Stick Cookware Finishing?


Chuangzhi Coating

Posted on 12th June 2020 by Guangdong Chuangzhi Intelligent Equipment co.,ltd
Non stick cookware finishing is a process that applies a coating of material in a coating production line, to the surface of an object such as rice cooker, pan, frying pan or even some household items in daily life. The primary aim of non stick cookware finishing is to afford these products a prolonged and more effective lifespan, a considerable reduction in the amount of visible corrosion ,and also, to deliver a finish that is pleasing to the eye.


How non stick cookware finishing is achieved ?
To proffer non stick cookware surface wear engineers have developed many ingenious methods for non stick cookware finishing from non stick product plating ,grinding ,sandblasting and buff polishing etc. The preferred approach for many is powder coating and we coat painting which will perform in the coating production line.


Powder coating and wet paint coating
Powder coating deploys the use of electrostatically charged particles to make the powder coating adhere to the non stick cookware during the coating production line. After an intensive curing process in an industrial oven, the non stick products will have a solid surface almost impenetrable to corrosion, and an impeccable finish. Wet coat painting requires the use of paint spray booths explicitly designed for this purpose. It is a longstanding strategy for non stick cookware finishing that has extensive use in numerous industries due to its ability to coat surfaces that are sensitive to heat and also non-metals. 


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