Is the nonstick coating really toxic?


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There is a saying on the Internet that the coating of non-stick pan is poisonous and cannot be used. In fact, since the advent of non-stick pans, this worry has never stopped! However, is the nonstick coating really toxic? Why do people have such concerns?

Is the nonstick coating really toxic?
First of all, let's first understand what the coating of non-stick pan is. Currently, the coating of non-stick pans is divided into two materials: Teflon and ceramic coating. Teflon coating is mainly fluoropolymer, which is also called "plastic". The original component is polytetrafluoroethylene, which has the reputation of "Plastic King" and has the characteristics of chemical corrosion resistance and aging resistance. Later, with the improvement of polytetrafluoroethylene, it also began to be used in various products such as pots and pans. The main component of ceramic coating is silica. Silica is a natural inorganic product. It is used on the inner wall of pots and pans. The particles of the material can reach the nano-level softness and will not produce toxic substances.

nonstick coating
According to the national mandatory standards, PTFE is used as the main raw material, combined with certain additives to form PTFE paint, which is coated on the surface of aluminum, iron and other metal, after high temperature sintering, as a non-acidic food container The use temperature limit of the anti-stick coating is below 250℃. Researcher Han Yulian of the Standards Division of the Health Supervision Center of the Ministry of Health stated that the standard imposes two restrictions on the use of non-stick pans. One is that non-stick pans cannot be used to make acidic foods, and the other is that the temperature must be limited to 250°C or less.
Why can't nonstick pans be used to make acidic foods? Guan Congsheng, a fluoride expert and deputy secretary-general of the Non-metallic Materials Committee of the Chinese Society for Corrosion and Protection, said that the congenital defect of PTFE is that its bonding strength is not high, and the non-stick pan is not completely covered with PTFE coating. Acidic substances are easy to corrode the metal body. Once the body is corroded, it will expand, which will expand the coating and cause the coating to fall off in a large area. Therefore, it is unhealthy for the human body itself to mix with peeling coating after cooking food.

nonstick coating really toxic?
And if you often cook food under high temperature conditions, even if the coating does not decompose, the oil and food may already have a chemical reaction to produce toxic substances. This cooking method itself is unhealthy.
However, the temperature of the daily cooking method is usually only about 200 ℃, even if the method of frying is used, the oil temperature generally does not exceed 250 ℃, so in normal cooking, there is no need to worry about the decomposition of the coating to release harmful substances.
Therefore, as long as the non-stick pan meets the national quality requirements, the cooking temperature is appropriately controlled, and the cooking temperature is not used to make acidic foods, there is no need to worry about the Teflon coating of the non-stick pan decomposing harmful substances, and it can be used safely without harming human health.


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