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The design steps of the air-conditioning air supply system of the coating production line



The air-conditioning air supply system is a part of the painting production line. It is used to send the air outside the workshop to the designated air supply points after different processes in different seasons to achieve the temperature, humidity, cleanliness and cleanliness of the painting workshop. Requirements for positive pressure and dust prevention in workshops. In order to obtain high-level exterior decorative painting, the air supply system is indispensable. In the motorcycle and automobile body painting line, the equipment cost accounts for more than one-third of the painting equipment. Therefore, the design of air conditioning system is very important for medium and high-end coating lines.

coating production line
The design of the air-conditioning air supply system in the coating production line generally has the following 7 steps: integration of design conditions and requirements, selection of processing technology, calculation of air supply, calculation of energy consumption, equipment selection, design of air supply pipes, design of air supply cabinets Dimensions and internal structure. The specific 7 design steps are as follows:
1. Design conditions and requirements of integrated coating production line
Design conditions are generally proposed by the owner, including local climate conditions, air supply points, air supply requirements, control methods, etc. Air supply requirements include dry bulb temperature, relative humidity and cleanliness. Generally, winter is used as a low temperature design condition, and summer is used as a high temperature design condition.
2. Select the treatment process of the coating production line
The treatment process includes three types: changing temperature, changing relative humidity, and improving cleanliness. The first two types have four methods: heating, cooling, water spraying, and steam spraying. The latter type has two methods: filtration and water spraying. The design should be based on the owner's air supply requirements and investment budget, select the necessary treatment technology for combination. Generally, filtration is indispensable. Temperature control is a medium-grade requirement, and relative humidity control is a higher-grade requirement. That is, the design is roughly divided into three types: filtration type, temperature control type and temperature control and humidity control type, the higher the grade , The higher the one-time investment and operating cost of the equipment.
3. Calculate the air supply volume of the coating production line
According to the length, width and height of the room at each air supply point, calculate the exhaust air volume of the room according to a certain air supply speed or number of air changes, and then calculate the air supply volume according to the air supply volume equal to or slightly greater than the exhaust air volume , Add up to get the total air supply.

coating production line
4. Calculate the energy consumption of the coating production line
The filtration process and the air supply process do not change the temperature or relative humidity of the air. Other treatment processes change the temperature or relative humidity of the air. The change in enthalpy value reflects the change in air energy. Each treatment process can be calculated based on the difference in enthalpy value. Energy consumption.
5. Equipment selection for coating production line
In a sense, whether the selection of purchased equipment is correct and appropriate determines whether the performance of the air conditioning cabinet system can meet the design requirements. Next, select the main purchased equipment based on the values ​​calculated in the previous steps.
6. Design the air supply pipe of the coating production line
The design wind speed of the air supply main pipe is generally 10~12 m/s, and the design wind speed of the air supply branch pipe is generally 8~10 m/s. The section size of the air supply pipe is calculated according to the equal wind speed in the main pipe and the equal wind speed of each air supply branch pipe. The wind speed at the end of the air supply pipe-the air outlet at the air supply point can be appropriately reduced as needed. With the same cross-sectional area of ​​the air supply pipe, the square circumference is the shortest, so it saves the most material. But sometimes due to insufficient height of the workshop or equipment interference, the air supply pipe is rectangular. The direction of the air supply pipe should be chosen as far as possible to make the length of the air supply pipe the shortest and there is no interference between the air supply pipe and other equipment.

coating production line
7. Design the cabinet size and internal structure of the air-conditioning air supply system of the painting production line
The width and height of the air-conditioning cabinet is essentially the cross-sectional area, which depends on the total air supply volume and cross-sectional wind speed of the air-conditioning cabinet; the cross-sectional wind speed is limited by the air filter, because the current universal filter design wind speed on the market is 2.5 m/ s, so the cross-sectional wind speed is generally 2.5 m/s. When the height of the place is insufficient, the aspect ratio can be adjusted; the length of the air-conditioning cabinet depends on the treatment process, the more process sections, the greater the length.
The above is about the design steps of the air conditioning system of the coating production line. For more information about the coating production line, please visit ATTRACTIVE to learn more.