What is the side spray electrostatic automatic painting system?


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The electrostatic spraying method uses the grounded object as the anode, the paint atomizer or the electric grid as the cathode, and the negative high voltage is connected to form a high voltage electrostatic field between the two electrodes. The cathode produces a corona discharge to make the sprayed paint drop. Charged and further atomized. According to the principle of repulsion of the same sex and attraction of the opposite sex, the charged paint droplets are attracted to the coated object along the direction of the power line under the action of the electrostatic field, and adhere to the coated object after discharge, and Part of the surface on the back of the object to be coated can also be coated with paint by the so-called "electrostatic encirclement" phenomenon. Electrostatic spraying technology has the characteristics of high paint utilization rate, excellent coating quality, greatly reduced waste paint and waste paint mist, and reduced environmental hazards. This technology has been widely used in the automobile manufacturing industry.
The side spray electrostatic spraying is a spraying method that completes the spraying of special-shaped workpieces through the use of automatic spraying components with a certain inclination angle and the cooperation of the automatic control system and the paint supply system. The side spray automatic electrostatic painting system is composed as follows:
1. Automatic spray gun assembly
It is composed of 3 RA90 automatic electrostatic spray guns, each gun has a maximum discharge capacity of 500ml/min, the maximum applied voltage is DC-90kv, and the air consumption is 100-400L/min.
High voltage generator and power supply system
It is composed of C high voltage generator, high voltage distributor JB-14 type and power transformer. The paint atomizer in the spray booth serves as the negative electrode, and the grounding of the frame and fuel tank serves as the positive electrode. A high electrostatic field is formed during spraying, and an excellent electrostatic coating effect can be obtained.
2. Control System
The spraying machine uses programmed automatic control and has manual control functions. The discharge volume of paint, spray gun atomizing air, spray gun fan air, adjustment of high voltage, and adjustment of spark prevention device are all completed by the control system.
3. Paint supply system
The constant transmission of the paint is carried out by the AC paint quantitative gear pump supply device, so that a paint layer with uniform film thickness and uniform gloss can be obtained.
4. Reciprocating elevator
The reciprocating lift drives the electrostatic spray gun to reciprocate in the Y direction, with a lifting range of 1800mm, and manual movement in the front and rear directions, with a maximum range of 500mm. To
5. Semi-automatic cleaning device
There is an automatic paint circulation loop inside. When the painting is stopped, the spraying switch can be set to the manual position to complete the cleaning of the spray gun.
6. X direction tracking paint automatic spit out system
According to the photoelectric tube installed in the front of the spray booth to detect the X direction of the workpiece, the transport chain is synchronized with the pulse signal, and the detected data is transmitted to the control system to automatically control the paint switch in the X direction.
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