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Why should the furniture spray booth be equipped with a water curtain cabinet?


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In the coating industry, the spraying process is widely used to spray furniture, which not only has high production efficiency, but also forms a uniform and smooth, smooth and high adhesion. However, the paint that was atomized by the high-pressure air during the spraying process formed a large amount of paint mist. The paint mist is composed of paint particles and a solvent. The paint mist has a small specific gravity and floats in the air. The sedimentation of the paint mist on the surface of the workpiece will affect the quality of the workpiece, and the operator's inhalation of the paint mist will also endanger the health of the body.Many coating industries use water curtain spray booths to remove paint mist and improve the spray application environment. The question is, why should the furniture spray booth be equipped with a water curtain cabinet? 

water curtain booth

    First of all, let's first understand the working principle of the paint curtain cabinet, so that we can better understand why the curtain booth should be installed in the furniture spray booth.

    The water curtain cabinet is an environmental protection equipment, which mainly uses water pump to supply water to the top water tank in the spray booth cabinet, so that the air containing paint mist is under the action of the exhaust force of the exhaust fan, and the water and the air containing the paint mist act on the suction cup. Next, enter the cabinet while rotating, when most of the paint mist is captured by the water film of the suction cup, and the other paint mist collides with the water mist in the environmental protection cabinet to form a droplet of paint mist, which falls into the cabinet. In the lower part, a waterfall-like water curtain is formed between the water and the water tank to return to the water tank. The water curtain separates the gas in the spray booth from the outside air, and the treated exhaust gas reaches the national emission standard. The exhaust duct is discharged outside. The water containing the paint mist flows into the circulating pool, and is condensed and purified (the special coagulant is added regularly in the water), and then sent to the spray booth by the circulation pump for recycling. The floating paint slag is periodically removed and then deeply buried or incinerated. The effect of exhaust gas treatment.

water curtain spray booth

    However, why should the water curtain cabinet be installed in the furniture spray booth? Why not use other methods to solve environmental problems? Next, let's discuss this issue with you at three points!

    1. The characteristic of the water curtain cabinet is that the paint powder remaining in the furniture spray booth can be directly hit in the pool or the water curtain surface, and the odor generated during painting and the small amount of paint powder not adsorbed are filtered through the multi-layer water curtain. After the exhaust fan is discharged to the spray booth, it can purify the working environment of the paint and protect the health of the person, and can enhance the surface finish of the painted workpiece.

    2. The water in the water tank is pumped to the upper water tank by the water pump, overflowing from the water tank to the water curtain plate, forming a water curtain through the water curtain plate, and simultaneously utilizing the impact generated by the high-speed airflow (20-30 m/s), the eddy current The board rolls up the water to atomize the water to wash the air, purifies the paint mist, blocks the water mist in the air through the water retaining plate, and the treated air is pumped to the outside. The installation of the water curtain cabinet in the furniture spray booth enables the operator to Get a work environment that meets hygienic conditions and safety regulations.

water curtain cabinet

    3, water curtain can filter out more than 70% of the paint mist and gas, play a non-negligible role in environmental protection. It is good for people to be friendly to the environment. However, the water curtain increases the resistance to the exhaust of the furniture spray booth. If the filter cotton in the spray booth is not dirty, the filter cotton should be replaced. The paint room also needs maintenance. When the car is driven to 5000 km, it needs to be replaced with the oil filter. The filter cotton of the paint room also has a long life. Generally, it will be replaced once in 2 or 3 months when busy. Change it once every six months, this will be beneficial to the sprayed live and paint room, otherwise the spray paint room will leak air and open the glue. So don't be big and small. The water and varnish can be blown into the water through the water, and the water can be changed regularly to ensure a good working environment for the workers, an environmentally friendly furniture spray booth.

    The above is about the furniture spray booth, why should we match the water curtain cabinet related content, then I will introduce the operation notes of the installation of the water curtain cabinet in the furniture spray booth, welcome everyone to pay attention to us to get updated information!