Introduction of degreasing process and equipment composition of automobile coating production line


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In the pretreatment of the automobile coating production line, the function of degreasing is to remove the body anti-rust grease, stamping drawing oil, oil stains, sweat stains, dust and other impurities in the operation. If the degreasing is not clean, it will affect the subsequent phosphating effect and Electrophoretic coating has a greater impact, causing unnecessary waste of manpower, material resources, kinetic energy and other resources. Generally speaking, a good degreasing effect is inseparable from the daily process control of the paint shop. The following are the components of the degreasing equipment for the automotive coating production line:

Degreasing equipment
1. Chamber
The pre-treatment of the automobile coating production line consists of degreasing water washing and blow-drying processes. It uses manual washing and is designed into four semi-closed chambers (which can effectively prevent liquid from splashing to other stations). Each chamber is equipped with 1 set of high temperature and high pressure water gun, 1 set of circulating water device (shared), 1 set of air gun for drying and 1 set of lighting system. There must be 1 spare set of high temperature and high pressure water gun.
The chamber body adopts a semi-closed structure, which can effectively prevent the liquid from splashing to other stations. Material selection of the cover wall panel: side wall and top wall plate are δ2.0mm stainless steel plate, the bottom wall plate is δ2.0mm stainless steel plate, the joints are fully welded after mechanical folding, and the frame of the chamber body is channel steel Or welded by square steel tubes. There are PVC soft curtain partitions between each station to reduce the liquid leakage between adjacent stations.
In order to facilitate observation, indoor lighting and normal maintenance, glass windows are installed on the side of the dipping tank cover, maintenance lights are installed at appropriate positions on the top, and pedestrian side doors and maintenance platforms are provided, and lighting switches are provided on the side doors.
The degreasing hood is equipped with exhaust or air supply and exhaust systems and a fan maintenance platform. There is a grid channel in the chamber, the grid is δ4.0mm stainless steel plate grid, which is light in weight and good in corrosion resistance.

automobile coating production line
2. Exhaust system
An exhaust fan is installed at the degreasing station of the automobile coating production line to make the wind speed of the workpiece entry section reach 0.2m/s or more to ensure that the sprayed hot air will not overflow. The air pipe is made of δ2.0mm stainless steel plate.
3. Circulating tank and pipeline
It is welded by profile and plate. Channel steel or square steel pipe is used as the framework to support the entire tank body. The tank body is made of δ3mm stainless steel plate. Two heating tanks are added with 50mm thick rock wool insulation layer, 2.0mm stainless steel inner plate, 1.5mm stainless steel outer plate. All spray and tank circulation pipelines are made of stainless steel pipes, and the material requirements for flanges and valves are the same as the pipelines.
4. pumps and pressure gauges and valves
The pumps in the automobile coating production line are all Kaiquan mechanical seal pumps (all water pumps must have safety protection devices). All pump outlet pipes are equipped with pressure gauges and valves are made of stainless steel. The pressure gauges and pressure adjustment equipment on all spray pipelines are placed in eye-catching positions, so as to accurately reflect the actual spray pressure and enable timely pressure adjustment.
5. operating platform
Set up operating platforms on both sides of the car painting production line room body, the platform is not in the room body, the structure is δ4mm pattern steel plate + section steel. Set a steel inclined ladder, the angle of the inclined body is less than 45°. The anticorrosion of the platform is brushed with one primer and two topcoats. The color of the brush is usually determined according to customer needs.


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