Application of Cleaner Production in the Planning and Design of German Industry 4.0 Generation Coating Production Line


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The core of cleaner production is "energy saving, consumption reduction, pollution reduction, and efficiency enhancement". It is necessary to adopt advanced technology and materials, select high-end equipment, adopt comprehensive utilization and improve management measures to improve resource utilization efficiency, reduce pollution from the source, and reduce or avoid the generation and discharge of pollutants during the operation of the coating production line. In short, cleaner production does not place the focus on energy conservation and emission reduction at the end, but implements effective management and control throughout the production process. Only continuous technological innovation, improved design, use of clean energy and raw materials, improved management, controlled emissions, and strengthened governance are the means of "clean production". For the German industry 4.0 generation coating production line, the main body of cleaner production lies in planning, design and operation management. This is also the main gap between the domestic brand coating production line and the international advanced level.

German industry 4.0 generation coating production line
Coating production line operation is the main energy consumption and emission of many industries such as automobiles, and various equipment-intensive occasions, waste water, exhaust gas, waste residue, noise, etc. are concentratedly generated. For a long time, pollution reduction and efficiency increase have been the 4.0 generation of German industry coating The driving force for technological advancement in production lines, the implementation of cleaner production, the reduction and control of the entire process of pollution occurrence, and the change of the passive and lagging pollution control methods of "pollution first, treatment later", which not only greatly reduces the cost of end treatment, but also effectively avoids The various drawbacks of terminal treatment have become the most effective means to control environmental pollution in the coating production line.

German industry 4.0 generation coating production line
The clean production mode of the German Industry 4.0 coating production line includes various reduction modes such as automatic control and intelligent control technology, water-based coatings, cathodic electrophoresis, robotic spraying, and countercurrent cleaning. Through automatic control and intelligent control technology, on the basis of ensuring quality, precise operation control and quantitative operation mode are implemented to effectively reduce operating parameters, while maximizing the application efficiency of recycling technology, environmental protection technology, energy saving technology and resource saving technology Improve the utilization rate, realize energy saving and environmental protection, and ensure the efficient operation of clean production mode.

German industry 4.0 generation coating production line
Recycling technology includes pre-treatment chemical liquid filtration and separation technology, waste gas filtration and reuse, circulating filtration and cleaning technology, and sewage treatment recycling. The pre-treatment chemical liquid is filtered and separated to realize reuse. Environmental protection technologies include paint mist dry separation technology, concentrated incineration technology, RTO technology, etc. Energy-saving technologies include frequency conversion control technology, LED lighting, energy-saving motors, combined heat and power, and gas direct combustion heating. Resource saving technologies include separation technology, solar energy utilization, heat pump technology, robot spraying, and plant rainwater collection systems. Comprehensive utilization of various clean production technologies can reduce VOC emissions by 80%, zero waste water discharge, and energy savings of more than 50%. It can be seen from this that cleaner production technology is not a certain technology, but a comprehensive and effective application of various technologies, assisted by technical support, training, guidance and evaluation to achieve the desired effect.


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