What are the characteristics of the robot coating production line?


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Robot coating production line is an emerging technology that has emerged with the development of the automobile industry. It is an automatic coating equipment that combines industrial robot technology and coating production line technology according to the needs of automobile mass production. The robot automatic coating production line has the advantages of stable spraying quality, high paint utilization rate, and continuous mass production. It is suitable for high-demand automotive surface spraying, and can completely replace the operator to work in the polluted environment to protect the health of the operator. purpose. So, what are the specific characteristics of the robot coating production line?

Robot spraying
1. High explosion-proof requirements
Robot spraying is to atomize the mixture of paint and solvent through a rotating cup that rotates at high speed, and then adsorb it on the surface of the object to be sprayed. Therefore, explosive gas mixtures (consisting of atomized paint, solvent and air) exist for a long time in the spray booth area, and even weak sparks may cause an explosion.
In response to this situation, double protective measures were taken in the design of the robot coating production line. First of all, the components inside the spray booth are explosion-proof, and the contacts that may generate sparks are protected by flameproof enclosures and airtight enclosures to directly prevent sparks from contacting explosive gases. Secondly, an explosion-proof isolation grid is used to further reduce the working voltage of the devices in the spray booth, and fundamentally reduce the possibility of sparks.

Robot coating production line
2. There are many signals for transmission and monitoring
There are a lot of data to be exchanged in the coating production line. Due to the long body and large spraying area of ​​the whole vehicle coating production line, the paint after spraying needs to pass a certain flash-dry time before the next spray can be carried out, which requires a longer coating production line; Because the field equipment is distributed in different stations, the input and instructions of each signal need to establish a signal connection with the PLC. These reasons make the connection of the signal exchange between the various devices on site very complicated, and the construction workload is also very large. Therefore, the system adopts the field bus control method, which can easily connect all the equipment with the bus connection function, which not only saves a large number of signal lines and reduces costs, but also saves the amount of on-site installation and avoids the need for signal lines. The failure of the connection problem improves the reliability and maintainability of the system.


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